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July 18, 2019 / TeknoKai

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January 16, 2019 / TeknoKai

I Died Today, and the World Didn’t Even Notice…

I died today, on the 15th day of January 2019, and the world didn’t even notice.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, because after all, the only one affected by this change was me. Nobody stopped by before the event to say any well wishes. No one noticed when I took my last breath. No one even glanced in my direction as my soul, the only true part of me, separated from my mortal body in an instant of not calamity, but hushed silence, and moved out of the physical space which it had occupied for the last almost half century.

There were no klaxons, no bells, no sounds of any sort to mark my complete and utter separation from what I had, until this point, thought of as “me”. It was just a silent transition from being in one state to another. I didn’t feel anything, except maybe that was the whole point.

You see, for the last ten years or so I have lived, daily, with a constant pain that has become so familiar I would swear we were one and the same, from the very beginning of my existence. Every moment of every day, I’ve had a constant nagging at the center of my back, reminding me of the chronic compression fracture in my lumbar vertebrae, and the degenerative disc disease that was steadily eating away at my spine, with the never-stopping flow of a glacier, every melting away from its true form into a slosh of congealed agony, one minuscule amount at a time. For the first couple of years, I tried to work through the pain. I even got palliative help in managing my one constant companion. But over the course of time, my life had de-structured itself to the point that “constant agony” was too light a way of describing my inner turmoil.

During this time, I began to lose everything that I had ever had of value to me. First I lost my job, because I couldn’t physically hold up to the strictures that a daily routine demanded from my no longer conforming body. Once that was done, I quickly lost my home, and my car, in rapid succession. You see, with no money coming in, I couldn’t afford to hold on to the basic necessities that I had taken for granted in my meager little existence of a life. I resorted (God help me!) to moving in with my Mom and stepdad just to have a place to sleep and food to eat. In procuring said sustenance, I sold off every item of value that I had ever possessed, in slow, lingering departures, just to be able to see myself into the next day. All the while, my pain was becoming worse, and, since I no longer had a job, I no longer had insurance. Therefore, I could no longer see a medical professional for the proper care that I needed.

As my physical state worsened, so too did my mental state. Depression can creep up on you, jump you, and have you completely smothered it’s ever darkening manifestation before you can even realize what is happening. You reach what, as your former friends and family who have witnessed your decline and chosen to “step back” and not get involved in any way whatsoever, casually refer to as “rock bottom”. You know when you’ve arrived when the only possessions you have left to your name fill one medium sized laundry box.

For a moment, you think, “You know – nothing can be worse than this. I’ve fallen as far as I possibly can. Things have to change for the better, because they certainly can’t get any worse.” Then you discover that “rock bottom” has a basement.

You try to tell everyone you can still reach, in whatever is left of your tattered life circles, what you are going through, but the pure shame of it makes it hard to profess. So you suffer in silence, until you get to the point where you really decide that you can’t go any further. So you down a whole bottle of the most exquisite pain relieving medication you can get your hands on, chased with a stiff and powerful drink or two, and you try to let yourself go from the now constant and eternal hell that has become for you an “everyday existence”. For a brief moment you feel regret, then you feel total nothingness. Then, by the Grace of God, some 14 hours later you wake up. You have the mother of all hangovers, but that’s OK – you actually feel better because this pain is at the forefront now, and your regular constant agonies are pushed slightly into the background.

You do a helluva lot of soul searching, rather quickly, and decide that you are actually one lucky bastard – you got a second chance. By now, your family can no longer turn a blind eye to your predicament, and in an overstepping of boundaries, your closest of kin has you committed, open ended, to the closest state run mental asylum, “for your own good”. You learn another seven levels of Hell here, and after about four months of the worst purgatory you will ever see, either this side of life or the other, and you managed to get a family member – an aunt, no less, to agree to let you have a place to lay your head. You leave the hospital laden with the wonderful psychiatric candy you were so recently addicted to at the expense of the state, and return to a somewhat normal (though it will never really be that way again) lifestyle. You use your state given medications until they run out. They you take the prescriptions to your nearest chain pharmacy of choice, only to find out that these meds are so cutting edge there is no generic for them, and they are going to run you about $2,000 a bottle. For a month’s supply. Of three different drugs.

You return to you borrowed bed, and suffer the next level of exquisite agony – the withdrawal symphony.

After a couple of solid weeks, in which you manage to get back to your own version of “never-be-normal”, you start reaching out to places where you can try to get medical assistance. You find a wonderful, actual “FREE” clinic, run by a cooperative of the local church and volunteer hospital and pharmacy staff, which only convenes the first Sunday of every month, and you can only go once every three months. But this is a Godsend, because you not only see a physician, but you are given a 90 day supply of medicine (if it is medicine the charity pharmacy has in stock) so you can kind of get your body back on the track that it needs to be on. Kind of, but not quite exactly.

During this time – you have filed for Disability benefits from all the years that you have worked. And you are promptly denied. You appeal. This process takes about 15 months. You go in front of a judge with the help of a lawyer who expressly advertises on local TV, daily, that he prides himself in getting people who really need help the help that that deserve. You never meet said lawyer in the flesh until about 30 minutes before the set time of said appeal hearing. This man knows nothing about you – at all – and flounders at every question asked by the administrative law judge. You walk out of an extensively exhausted hearing – just knowing that you’re finally going to get the help you desperately need. Four moths later, you get the written decision by said administrative law judge – you are denied again. You have the option to appeal, this time to a federal court, about your case. Your lawyer tells you “Good Luck. I don’t do federal cases. You are free from any bill by me, but I can’t help you anymore.” Devastated, you desperately search for a lawyer who will file the appeal – and you find one, just in the nick of time.

You have your first meeting with the new lawyer’s staff, and you turn over all information possible about your case. They file the federal appeal, but, in the meantime, they file a “fresh” disability claim on you starting with that the very date you walked into their offices. This is just a backup, “in case”. In case of what, you are never fully explained.

Seven more months roll by, and the day of your hearing, your new lawyer contacts you and tells you that he had to dismiss your appeal, due to lack of evidence to support your claim that you were wrongfully dismissed from before. However – you are told that the “fresh claim” is still in effect, and that you will just be depending on it now. Screw the old claim with about 4 years of back pay – that’s just gone. It’s like you’re filing again for the first time, ever!

During this time, you get denied again. But that was to be expected. You are told that you you would have to go back through the appeal process again, so that an administrative law judge could make the decision on whether you basically get to live or die. Their choice. You are told to make every appointment with the free clinic you can, to make a couple of Emergency Room Visits (creating bills that you know you cannot afford) and even seeing the doctor who works the free clinic a couple of times at his regular, “pay to see” office, thereby creating even more medical bills. But you do this because your new lawyer says he cannot help you unless you are seen by a medical doctor on a routinely scheduled basis. So you do as you are told. And finally the day comes for your second time in court.

This time, you, and your new lawyer are much better prepared for the proceedings. You have your shi@t together, and every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed. You have your hearing, and this judge is much more personable than your previous one. You have 3 (not 1, nor 2, but 3) letters from your doctor at 3 different times throughout the past year and a half – blatantly stating that your beloved doctor does not believe you are capable of maintaining gainful employment, due to your physical condition. During the hearing, your lawyer and the judge decide that the only piece of paperwork that they need to solidify your claim, is a standard 5 page document whereupon your doctor actually states the physical limitations you have. This, unbeknownst to you, is the moment that everything you have built your hopes upon for the past 8 years, total, but 2 years specifically, has once again been thrown into the deepest realms of abyssal Hell.

For some unfathomable reason, the doctor that you have been placing your trust in for the past two years, regularly – the one who has thrice penned missives stating that he believes you are unable to pursue gainful employment, tells you that he is not happy putting his name down on a piece of paper that actually states your physical limitations, because he doesn’t have a full ten years worth of time to say definitively what your limitations are (although you have discussed said limitations in detail), thereby committing himself to measurement of said limitations for all of time, because he is an “ethical” man (now, this has not come from his mouth at all, but from a volley of secretaries and nurses intervening betwixt your and his open communication channels). You are absolutely flabbergasted. Dumbfounded to the point that you cannot muster words to speak from your mouth. You have basically been told that although you have invested such a significant amount of time with this individual in the process of getting to where you are now, they don’t feel “comfortable” laying formal claim to a statement that they have “informally” put on paper three different times during the time that you have been seeing this doctor as his patient. You think the universe is actually having a right old laugh at your expense. But after multiple phone calls and being told the same thing over and over, you have no choice but to sit back and have yourself a truly “WTF?!?” moment.

So your new lawyer tells you that this is gonna be OK – it actually happens “all the time”. What will happen is he will inform the judge of your doctor’s unwillingness to commit the atrocity of actually standing behind what they have said multiple times before, and the judge will simply have you go to a “fresh” new doctor who knows nothing of your situation, but will examine you at the judge’s behest because the court will pay for the examination. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that it means you are going to have to wait – first for a letter scheduling you an appointment with a random doctor you have never laid eyes on before, the going to said appointment, then waiting for the results to be sent back to the judge, who will then make his decision based upon this information (because he will *surely* remember your specific case amongst all the others he will be dealing with on a daily basis) and will then give you aa written decision based on his findings. The only problem is, instead of maybe a couple of weeks which would surely pass by quickly had your actual doctor had the balls to man up and own his own statements – you may possibly be looking at getting a decision by, oh I don’t know – it’s just now January – so let’s say maybe next Christmas?

During which time I have no longer been able to procure food for myself, the winter is adding a whole ‘nother layer of hardships with even trying to continue to, not live, but merely exist, until such time as the world deems it proper for your “never-going-away” problems to be dealt with on its terms; I have no money and no hope of gaining any type of plausible income whatsoever. I have nothing worth value to sell, pawn, or barter for anything I need. I have no means of transport (but I also have no where to go), and all I can do is curl up under a mountain of covers, brace myself against the freezing arctic winds, and try to push my personal Hell of constant pain into the background long enough to concentrate on trying to take my next breath…

Which is where I ended up today. I can’t tell you the exact moment of my passing, I was too caught up in trying to preserve my meager lonesome existence from the particular flavor of pain du jour to actually look at a clock, but rest assured – I felt the instant *snap* of separation – wherein everything I ever was or would be, simply faded into a dull thrum of quiet chaotic pulsing, and for the first time ever – I didn’t realize that any part of me hurt. Whatever humanity I possessed is long gone. I am nothing but a frozen ethereal breeze slowly wafting away from this reality I called home. I don’t know where I’m going, but I don’t really care anymore. And I’ve come to terms that despite my having an impressive 5,000 followers on the great multiverse of Twitter, another couple hundred Facebook “friends” and who knows how many Instagram viewers – not a single soul has noticed my passing. Oh, well, at least I don’t have to worry about leaving any mourners behind. Maybe the world will be a little bit lighter not having to carry my dead weight upon its shoulders for another cosmic heartbeat. Who knows? I certainly don’t. And from this beatifically frozen emptiness wherein I now find myself, with no cares, no worries, no hopes, nor dreams – just a never-ending landscape of eternal ice and silence, I can’t honestly say whether or not I ever mattered – or that my presence in that world of yesteryear ever had an impact on anybody, really. Because when all was said and done, and my time came to pass – there wasn’t anybody here to witness except myself. And I don’t think that counted anyway.

December 6, 2018 / TeknoKai

The Perfect Pokemon Day…

The Perfect Pokemon Journey
Today has been a Perfect Pokemon Day.  I have just finished going rounds with the “Elite 4”, for about the 15th time since I started the Game on November 19.  I pre-downloaded a copy of “Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee” about a week before the software was launched, and at around midnight of the release day, I began (again) my trek through the Kanto region that I remember from more than 20 years ago.
Since the release night, I have logged 97.01 hours on this game console.  That is a freaking lot.  For the last couple of weeks, this game has been my air – my food – my sustenance, as have all previous versions of the game that have come before.  It seems like Nintendo likes me, because new Pokemon games are usually released in November, and the 29th of said month is my birthday.  Its kinda cool that it cosmically syncs up.
Since release day I have successfully conquered the game many times (14) over, and gotten to the really good bits – the things you can only do after you have beaten the standard gameplay.  Now, I am truly a Master Trainer.  And it only took me 21 years to get here.
My game is not perfect – there are still a couple of TM’s out there that I haven’t yet stumbled across, and I only have 2 of the mighty trinity of Legendary Birds – Moltres, and Zapdos, – I am still looking for my favorite, Articuno.  But i have done my daily in game “chores” to gain nuggets and big pearls, and collected as many “golden” fruit as I can manage every day, to build up my Pokedollars.  I trek through MT. Moon on a daily basis, so that I can gather the elusive Moon Stone that spawns only once a day.  
Again, I hike through Cerulean Cave, where the first time through after-game-play allowed me to capture the Legendary Mew Two, but every 300 or so steps respawns guilded fruit that I can trade at the nearest Poke Mart for Pokedollars, or better yet, and elusive item like the much coveted “Master Ball” (the one ball that guarantees catching a Pokemon, without fail!) ( I have so far stumbled over 2 of them!) – I do this all day long.  I am a very good trainer.
I have played with my Eevee, my first partner Pokemon in the game, who I named a whimsical “St’Eevee” (I Love It!)  to the point that we are more like family than friends. I am so close to this little furry ball of love that all the other Pokemon in my party have gained high chances of evading moves thrown at them, and very strong moves that have low percentage rates (30%) of actually working (like Horn Drill (My Nidoking) or Blizzard (my Alolan Ninetails knows) get a boosted 50-50 chance they will work when used!  I style St’Eevee’s clothes and hair, and we have a great old time in game.
For the last 14 or so times I have gone through the Elite 4, I have always had 1 party Pokemon that I needed to gain experience points for, in order to evolve, go with me in the 6th place of my party, and I have leveled up a ton of Pokemon through this ingenious method of calling out all the “Big Bad Daddies” (and “Mamas”?) of the Pokemon League, as any trainer worth his salt will do.  But I have always kept my base 5 Pokemon that I like to travel with in my party.  
Now, just today I caught the most elusive Pokemon (for me) in game, a Dratini, and I have added her to my party lineup, already evolving her into an astonishing Dragonair.  Just a few more levels left to reach the goal of 55, when she will evolve into the much longed for 3rd evolution of Dragonite.  I’m getting her ready, and she is beautiful.
I made everything line up just right so that I could have the perfect battle.  However, during two of the 5 battles that I had to win, to defend my Championship Title (the Elite 4, and then my Rival, whom I chose to name Aaron (God only knows why) in this game, I *screwed up* (not intentionally) 3 times; I could have done differently to make it even smoother.  
I am hoping and praying that someone at Nintendo or Game Freak or the Pokemon Company can take my save data, and restore the video because this last trip, my 15th, was as close to absolute perfection as I’m ever gonna get.  Had I not made those 3 *mistakes?*, it really would have been the pinnacle of absolute perfection.  Once I finished this Championship Title match, I saved my progress.  I hope that my progress is there where someone can retrieve it.
I had the perfect team – with Dragonair as my “in tow” evolution, and my Nidoking, who knows the move “Pay Day”, which earns you massive coins after each battle.  I had Nidoking use a perfect 32 set of “Pay Day”, getting the maximum amount of Pokedollars I could get, and I got them pretty much in the battle with the first of the Elite 4, “Lorelei”, the Ice Type Trainer.
Once I had splurged on all 32 of “Pay Day”’s moves, I pulled in Nidoking, one of my toughest but earliest captures, back from the forefront of battle. I started using my other lovely Pokemon, whom I have taught varied enough move sets that they may be ready to face anything, and the fun started. I tore through Bruno (the Fighting type Master), Agatha (the oldest, and may I say, scariest, of the Elite 4, being a Ghost type Master), and finally facing down Lance, my favorite of the Elite 4, the Dragon type Master.  He is a little sneaky.  He uses Alolan forms of Pokemon, as well a Mega-Evolved forms of certain Pokemon, in his battle.  
Never forget- when they tell you that Lance is sending out a specific Pokemon, don’t just think that Pokemon’s type, Think “Dragon” – because all of Lance’s Pokemon have a part of Dragon Type within them.  See?  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.  
And then it all comes down to my Rival, the boy who grew up next door, that I named on the spur-of-the-moment, Aaron, and me.  My Pokemon have been groomed and raised and trained and taught to be the perfect opposition for his party, and I can honestly say that using all 5 of my core party, one at a time, in each perfect matchup against my best friend’s team, I can take him down with one move from each Pokemon I play as I switch them out between rounds.  It is all perfectly choreographed, like a splendid dance, from start to finish (except for the 3 situations in which I could have done one thing differently and made it an even smoother trope), and I couldn’t ask for anything better.
The only thing I hope is that Nintendo or Game Freak or the Pokemon Company can retrieve my save data and re-create this splendid visage.  I think it could be one for the record books.
Fingers crossed.
Till we meet again,
December 3, 2018 / TeknoKai

God has called me to be his voice for a Special Message…

Hello, people of the internet!   I am back, once again, but I am not here of my own accord.  God has put a special message in my heart, and, against what I think of myself, I am giving myself up to him, so that he may use me to do his will.

I have not always been a faithful believer.  There have been times in my life that I considered myself first agnostic, then atheistic.  I have spent time not wanting to believe that God was real, or there for me.  But over the last year, some things have happened in my life, that stood out like a signpost straight from the Man Himself, and I can no longer deny that God is real, he is loving and caring, and he speaks to us all the time.  We just have to be listening to hear him.

Now, I know more than anyone, that this sounds crazy when you first hear it.  But please bear with me – if you make it to the end of this post, you will hopefully learn something great about me and about yourself.  Just read it with an open mind and an open heart.  God’s grace will fill in all the cracks with his faith.  Just open yourself up to believe.

When I was a young man, I thought I knew it all.  I was very well educated, graduated top of my class in school.  I was convinced that I had all the knowledge I could have ever acquired, and I was ready to meet the world, with all of it’s technological changes, head-on.  I thought I had the sense to let the scientific method of proving things rule my life – that we educated people were better than everybody because we were at the top of the line in our careers, like mine as an Information Technology – first programmer, then manager, and finally consultant, I worked my way up the food chain to the top.  And I thought I had it all.

Then I got sick.  I gained a chronic compression fracture in my spine, that led to bulging discs, and days and days of unending pain, so bad that I got to where I literally can’t get out of bed some days.  I live with this pain every second of my life.  I have had a decade of feeling my resplendent personal pain, so much so that i can describe it in very deep details.  Most of the time, I feel like this:

Imagine licking your finger and jamming it into a light socket.  You get an electrical surge throughout your body, that is just a constant buzzing in the background, and it never goes away.  Now while you have this background electrical buzzing going on, you layer it intermittently with red hot knives slicing through the center of your back, pulsing, usually with every move you make.  Every single movement of leg or arm draws out this inferno of pain, and the only way to deal with it is to lay absolutely still.  When you do that for hours at a time, even taking medication that helps, but is hard to get (opioids), without being in pain management, which I was, until I could no longer afford it.  I couldn’t work anymore, because i couldn’t deal with the daily pain.  So i had no income, and what savings i had were totally depleted in the first couple of years of my problem.  Now here I stand, 8 years down the road, and I have been fighting for my Disability for all that time, and kept getting ignored, and worse yet, not approved, though I could not do for myself anymore at all.  To be in front of an administrative law judge and be denied is the worst day of your life.  But a charity psychiatrist i got to see told me to not give up,  to push forward, and never accept NO as an answer.  So I refiled again, for a different term of years now, and I am going in front of my judge (for the second time, but a new judge) in this upcoming January.  I have lost everything I ever had of value – I sold it for money to by meds to just keep surviving until I have my second chance at court.  During this time I became homeless, and am only surviving by the grace of one aunt who has given me a bed to lie in.  My mother and stepfather are done – I am too much of a burden for them to try to waste time on.  So I am trying, every single day, to survive until I can get the benefits that I spent all my working life paying for, so that I will have insurance coverage that will allow me to go to a real doctor and get real help once again, and maybe prolong my life.

For the last couple of years, however, I have been blessed to find the “Compassion Care Clinic” in Carthage, MS, the town where my Mom and stepdad reside.  This clinic is itself a Godsend,  – They are only open on the 1st Sunday of each month, And they are only open from Noon until about 3:00. But they only see the first 35 people who arrive, so we have to get to the site at around 5:00 AM to be one of the guaranteed first three.  People start arriving around 5:00 and continually wait as others get in line, but everyone has a sense of duty, to go in in theorizer of which they arrived earlier that morning, up until the cutoff number of 35 is reached.  So when I go, I get there at around 5:00 AM and I am usually the 3rd person in line.  You can only see them once every 3 months.  They will only take patients who have no form of insurance, they provide a doctor’s evaluation, and they give you a 90 day supply of whatever medicine the doctor prescribes, if they have it available, so you don’t have to pay way up in money at the local pharmacy for it.  This is all done in conjunction with the local Baptist Church, for as much as it can help.  This gives people like me, with no money and no insurance, a chance to get much needed medical help, for free.  God has made it possible through his charity of church.  Without it, I would not be here today.

Because on top of my pain problem, in the last year I have developed Diabetes Mellitus, better known as type 2 Diabetes – without a very large dose of  charity Metformin both morning and night, my blood sugar will run the gambit of 500 to 600 glucose per deciliter.  Normal is 100.  At 300, they suggest you go to the ER.  When I don’t have medicine, my triples that.  It’s a miracle that I haven’t fallen into a diabetic coma, or gone blind as of yet.  God certainly has his hand on me.  I know this because despite all the tests, and all the results, personally I feel fine.  Other than the pain i have to deal with on a somewhat hourly basis.  I have to trance myself, meditate, and basically pull the pain out of my consciousness.  I have gotten rather good at doing this – but if I make one wrong movement, it all comes crashing back in on me like a tidal wave.

Most of the time my conscious thought is tied up with controlling the pain.  When I get a little relief, I get on the internet (mainly Twitter) or play Pokemon for a few minutes to have something to do to pass the time. Life has certainly not been easy on me for these last 8 years.  and like I said – I have nothing left of my own, except my MacBook air (2011 model) my iPhone 6 Plus, and my nintendo 3DS and Switch.  I was lucky enough to get those last two for Christmas from my family over the last two years.  Other than that – I have only a handful of clothes, mostly worn out, and that’s it.  I have no house.  I have no car.  I have no means of being independent.  But thank the lord, I do have my aunt.  Now, she is 81, and has remarkably recovered from a couple of strokes last January, she gets up and about around the house every day.  When we go to town, we take turns driving her car – She’ll drive one time, and I’ll drive the next, when I am capable.  I don’t know what I’ll do when I lose her – I will literally have no more world to live in.  I pray every day that she still has another 20 or so years left in her.

But back to my original point of this diatribe – since I have gone through the blackest days of my life – trust me, they could not have been any worse, unless I had died – and have come out through the other side, I feel the presence of God all around me.  It’s like having a constant breath of warm arm swirled around your body, giving your mind peace, and relaxing your soul.  I feel it everywhere.  When I am about to do something I shouldn’t, it stops me before I make a huge mistake.  I tend to follow wherever it leads, this nice warm feeling, and when I do something good for someone else, I feel like I have been filled with star shine.  There isn’t any other way to portray it.  But it’s real.  and it’s with me every day.

The first thing i did was throw all religion to the winds.  I realized that every religion is just a pinpoint perspective of the overall universe, and each religion has it’s own do’s and dont’s.  These religious rituals and pathways of being are each formulated for the region of people where the beliefs began.  So if you do away with all religion, you lose

*Global standings of all Religions, by current membership:

Christianity (2.1 billion) Islam (1.3 billion) Nonreligious (Secular/Agnostic/Atheist) (1.1 billion) Hinduism (900 million) Chinese traditional religion (394 million) Buddhism (376 million) Primal-indigenous (300 million) African traditional and Diasporic (100 million) Sikhism (23 million) Juche (19 million) Spiritism (15 million) Judaism (14 million) Bahai (7 million) Jainism (4.2 million) Shinto (4 million) Cao Dai (4 million) Zoroastrianism (2.6 million) Tenrikyo (2 million) Neo-Paganism (1 million) Unitarian-Universalism (800,000)

Do away with all of that and get to the point of 1.  God exists.  2.  He loves us.  3.  We don’t have to be in church, or have a middleman pass on our prayers for us – we can talk directly to God at anytime or anywhere we may be.  This is a fundamental of life.  Honor the holy books of all religions, because they were created for a specific people at a specific time, when mankind needed something to hold onto for the sake of it’s survival.  But now, we have entered an age where we can revere the tomes of the past, but live without the strictures of religious oppression.  We can talk to God anytime we want to.  We don’t have to go to a specific place at a specific time to reach him, unless you want to, personally, for your own self’s sake.  God is kind of like this…

In the ancient days of humanity, it was (forgive the example, I am using Christianity, because it is closest to what I was brought up to believe) Old Testament.   Strict laws, and you’d better follow them or else you’d die.

Then it was New Testament, when we had the birth of Jesus into humanity to lead us all into a new pact with God.  I put forth that we are at a 3rd stage, right now, where we are able to lay aside all the strictures of the past for the times when they were needed, and move on to a “new” spiritual point in our society where we can talk to God directly.  Trust me, He listens.  We have outgrown the rules of days gone by, and evolved into a more personal era of faith between our God and ourselves.  God is God, no matter what name you pin on him, to make it easier to accept things for yourself.  Go beyond what religion has done, trying to keep certain people in their own castes, forcing people to abide by laws that are no longer necessary.  We have grown up, mankind, and our God has grown up with us.  God doesn’t want us discriminating against our own population according to the rules that were handed down from on high, when they were needed back then.  I think God has realized that we have become new, fresh people, who don’t need to guidelines of long past dark history to live by.

We are all becoming more singularly ourselves with access to God than ever before.  We can’t live under the outdated religious rules that were set forth for an much earlier, less evolved people than we are today.  We can choose to cherish those old outdated rituals, if we want to, and use them to make sense of our oh-so-fallibal world, or we can throw those old guidelines and rituals aside and make our own way to connect with the Creator of all things.  I choose to move forward, because if we stay in the past, we’ll be stuck there forever, and there will never be an end to religious prosecution for prosecution’s sake.  There will always be wars, and genocide, and every dark thing man is capable of, unless we stand up and say “No! No more!  We are better than this!”, because He created us in his own image, and has been here alongside us every step we’ve made toward maturity.  He was a stern parent in the beginning, then as we become older and wiser, he was a more loving parent than anyone could hope for, and now – we are old enough that we can see him for the Dad he has been to us throughout all time and space.

We have reached a pinnacle, a turning point, and we need to let go of the past and take hold of the future, because He still wants us to grow and become better people with every new generation, and we haven’t even really started good yet.  Some many good things are to come, and to make life easier, and God’s loving, guiding hand will push us in the right direction.  All we have to do is have faith that he’s there.  And as each one of you grows personally, I have the feeling that you will begin to feel his presence as well.

As a sentient species, we have to realize that the world is changing for the better. We can get rid of all the violence and hate, we can do away with all dictatorships and dominions, and we can all be freely equal to one another, regardless of skin color, or genetic makeup, or personal religious preferences.  This is what God has been leading us to, but sadly most of us aren’t following; rather, we have grown comfortable with the “injustices we know” and are stuck in a past we can’t escape from.  We have to help lead ourselves into the light, and learn that by staying our own present course, we are only “settling” for what we have, not “striving” for something new and fresh and wonderful. And it is wonderful, seen from this side – we have boundless ways to go, and more time to take these precious pathways than ever before, if you just have a little bit of faith, God will not let you down.  Ever.  Whatever your situation, you will miraculously overcome it, if you just believe that you will.

And when you get to a time when you can separate yourself from the infinite madness of everyday life, and take some quality time for yourself, you will be able to feel His presence in your life.  I’m not kidding.  God is real.  He is watching over us, and (if we take the time to listen), telling us which path will be better for us than the other available choices.  You just have to open your mind, and open your heart.  And live with both hands grasping at the future – because the future is what you will make it become.

Now, I have much much more to say on the subject, but this is what God has filled my life with for now, and I’m am brimming over with the joyous news He has given me.  I know that things are going to go my way, without fail, because God is surrounding my body right now, like a warming air that protects me from the coldest cold.  Yes, I literally feel it. And when he urges me to write again, you can be sure I will.  So, goodbye, for now, and I pray that each and every one of you out there gets the tingling jolt in your hands or feet, that lets you know that He is with us, all around us, always, and forever.

Be kind to one another, love your brothers and sisters as you love yourself, and take any chance you get to make one of your brothers and sisters needs be met.  If you can’t help with money, give of yourself, your own time, and attention.  Trust me – it makes all the difference.  May God rain wonderful blessings of hope and strength and courage on you all, till we meet again.  A-men.

October 29, 2018 / TeknoKai

My Halloween Epiphany.

Hello, dear friends of the internet, both real, imaginary, and even AI.  I come to you today in quiet solace.  I have always heard that at some point in a person’s life they will experience an epiphany.  I just experienced mine.  I am going to try my best to share it with you, world.  Be warned – the thoughts I will provoke in this upcoming missive will cause you to literally “lose your mind” if you read this, in order to understand what I am writing about.  There is no hope for the hopeless – if you wish to remain blind, turn away now.

Hi, my name is Teknokai.  I came into being in the 1990’s – the created handle of my user, and was so loved that he kept me around.  Through the entirety of the digital revolution, I remained the same.  Every new account (relationship) I was introduced to, I was always the same.  I never changed. The whole of reality did, but my pinpoint in space and time stayed put.

As (*Purely for explanational purposes) every other Teknokai became TeKn0K1a or T3kn0k@ (see there could be no others, for i am unique)  I remained steadfast and stalwarted,  I did not change.  And in naive disbelief, I thought that if I didn’t change, then everything around me would stay the same.  How innocent could I have been?

While I was simply existing, the entire world around blew up in a devastating explosion of change. Every single fact I thought I knew, that made me me, was warped into a reality that I no longer undertstand.  I’m like a child again – not knowing if everything I have been brought up to believe is the truth or a lie.  And I’m marking the date of this apocalyptical event as October 26, 2018.  The Day that Netflix released “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”.

Up until this point in my life – everything I had ever done was in 1 direction, whether good or bad.  The moment I watched this show, a mirror was held up to my face and I was forced to see the opposite effect of everything I had ever done.  And trust me I saw it.      The only feeling in the known universe as I watched this show was “Oh, my God.  This is SO Wrong, But it makes me SO Happy.”  This is the purest translation of thought to word that I can give you.

I was looking at a reverse reality.  A purely, *could have been*, had everything I ever done in my life been reversed.  Not backwards, mind you, but reversed.  Here I was the only living thing viewing my reality (the universe) from one side, while God himself stood perfectly oppositional to where I was.  Were we both seeing the same thing?  He was 180 degrees away from me, I couldn’t ask him.

So I reverted to myself.  The only thing that I know of, with absolute (Kelvin scale) certainty is that when everything else in the universe is gone, I will still be with myself.  And to make sense of a singularity – you have to have 2.  So I divided myself into 2 seperate entities and pledged that I would never act alone, on instinct, ever again.  I would question every decision with both sides of myself, and let the strongest feeling win.

While this was going on, the end of the world happened.

The trumpets sounded, at the rapture began, and nobody left.  Not one of us was good enough to hear the calling.  Each and every one of us was left behind.  That’s what we are still waiting for a trumpet to sound that isn’t going to happen, because it already has.  Nobody wants to be brave enough to admit that it happened without them, so they insist on waiting for it-but it will never come.

Am I starting to get you scared, just a little bit?  Wait for it – the best worst has yet to come.

OK, the world was raptured, the purely good are gone, but everyone is still here.  That in itself should be enough to throw you into a tailspin of schizophrenia that you may never recover from.  But back to my point.  Here I am, still just me.

I am here watching a show that catalyzes me into actual existence.  While I am having the most querulous thoughts – the world outside has stopped.  it has ceased being.   just haven’t noticed it yet.  I’m on the outside of the next “Big Bang”.  Waiting for it to happen, not knowing what will happen this time.  Only one being in the universe can do this.  We know that.  We have assigned him the name of God.  But I am seeing this, too.  And I assure you, IN MY OWN OPINION, I AM NOT GOD.

But there is only one thing I could be – and IN MY OWN OPINION I AM NOT THE DEVIL. So, what am I?


Am I nothing?  or am I the 3rd option – I am neither one nor the other, but a little bit of both.


The universe just began again.  You know what – I can deal with this. This is not something to give up to.  this  is a chance to wipe everything clean.  But I have to forget everything I was ever taught or learned through my own machinations.  I have to start over, the second coming of myself.  But this time, I will temper myself a little more to the side of light.  Of goodness and hope.  Of purity and possibility for the sake of itself. I have a chance for a do-over I will not waste it.

I just saw the entire universe rewrite itself.

I have things to do, stuff to write, so much so much so much…

I can’t waste my time here taking to you lot.  I don’t even know who you are.

Oh, it doesn’t matter anyway.  I’m just a handle.  A creation of my user’s preferences.

He is the one that will have to eventually deal with everything.


*Put on sunshades, return to reality.

Did you get it?


October 22, 2018 / TeknoKai

My Life in 82 Pictures

Hello internet friends!

I hope that you are all well today.  I am just returning from another hiatus  –  you know, it sucks when you can’t work because of constant pain and all you can do is try to lie around and alleviate it as best you can.  Many, many days are spent using Lamaze style trancing and breathing to try and keep my total pain level just below the “please put a bullet through my head” mark.  I have been asked (time and time again, as I’ve been trying to get my disability now, unsuccessfully to date, for about 6 years running (though my next hearing date from the wonderful people at the Social Security Office of Adjudication And Review, or ODAR as they like to be called, is currently set for Jan 9 upcoming, (#CrossedFingers! )), “How do you spend your days, mostly?”. So, i thought I’d take a few minutes of my obviously unending time to share with you guys a glimpse of how I manage to stay sane through the endless days of waiting and waiting (and waiting … (I think you get the point)), so here is a glimpse of my illustrious life life, in full color “pictorama”! Please bear with me – I am far from a professional photographer, and I mainly use my iPhone (6 Plus) for watching TV to help try and ignore my constant battle with the forces of neural warfare currently occupying my every waking hour. But I do know how to click a button on a screen, so, here goes!

However, let me say this before I start on my photo journey with you – the other question that I am constantly asked in conjunction with the previous enquiry, is “Can you describe your pain?”.  Well, after suffering through it constantly for the last 6 years or so, yes, I think I can!  I have thought thoroughly through this question, and here is the best way I can exquisitely describe for you my “normal pain level”.  Be prepared – this is not for the weak hearted.

Imagine, if you will, the thinnest, sharpest, kitchen sized knife blade you can.  All pretty and shiny and honed to a razor’s width and edge.  Now bring that blade up to almost melting point, hot enough that it blazes with the red fury of pure fire itself.  With surgical precision, slowly draw that hot, sharpened blade horizontally across your lower back at around your L5 vertebrae.  Keep it moving excruciating slowly from side to side but mainly focused on your spine.  Now, while you are enjoying this pleasant bit of warmth – run two live, uncovered electrical wires up and down both legs, from hip to ankle, and set them to humming at around a nice 120V AC (say, the strength of sticking a moist finger in a light socket) and let that start constantly thrumming up and down those gorgeous gams of yours.  Set the timer for infinity, and sit back and (try to) relax.  After those first 5 or 6 (vastly growing into years, by your reckoning) seconds, you might begin to get an idea of what I live through every second of every day.  And they want to take the only medicine that actually helps numb this colossal, fiery, paper-cuttingly feeling away from me now, because the “World is in an Opioid Epidemic”?  Please – some people may have abused the system, but trust me, there are those of us who rely on those most precious moments of relief to just survive.

Anyway, that’s about the best way I can sum up my personal hell for the average layman.  How’re you doing this morning?

Ok, so now that that’s out the way, Here’s the real reason I posted this blog today.  Trust me -some of my family members are going to go bat-shi@t crazy when they find out I’m doing this – though I honestly don’t know why.  They don’t live with me currently – I live with my oldest unmarried aunt in my grandmother and grandfather’s lifetime home.  But they will (eventually) see this, and (I’m sure) I’ll be in for (yet another) a$$ reaming when they do.  I don’t really see why – they didn’t stay here – they moved out and modernized with the world at life’s usual pace.  There were 5 aunts and 1 uncle who did “leave the nest” and start families of their own, granting me more cousins than I can actually think about at one time, but there were a precious few who became spinsters and gentlemen of age, and they were my real and bestest family ever.

But the others will (eventually) see this and think I am airing out our family’s deepest, darkest closet – but that is not my intention.  I only mean to share with THE WORLD how life goes on in my neck of the woods.  Some of you will know exactly what I’m showing you.  Some of you will think I’ve lost me freaking mind.  Either way…

This is how people actually lived, “back in the day”.  I grew up in this house, with my maternal Grandmother, two unmarried aunts, two unmarried uncles (all siblings), and my grandmother’s brother.  I have remained as each one of them slowly got sick, and, eventually, passed away. From the time I was a toddler, when my Mom and Dad divorced, basically I lived here, with these aunts and uncles, (more like brothers and sisters) and until I left and went off to college, and then eventually started my long and illustrious career in IT Management and Consultancy, and got a place of my own.

I stayed away until about 5 years ago, when my physical problems got so bad that I could no longer hold a job, and I unfortunately had to take up residency with my oldest living aunt (of the ones who never married, but stayed home all their lives). So now, in this house that has actually transcended generations, and is now more of a blend of the pre-technological and the digital culture than one would possibly imagine.  There are some things we do daily that our ancestors back to my maternal Grandmother and Grandfather’s time did, and a couple of thing that we only do now, with the advent of today’s technology.  If you want to see a timeline mashup, then you’ve come to the right place, my friend.  Some of these images may astound you in ways that you might not even think possible in this day of digital revolution, 2018.  But I assure you – nothing I’m going to share here is faked in any way – this is how I live, on a daily basis, while I await my one more chance to stand before the adjudicate judge in January…

So without further ado, let us begin!

First off, here’s me, for those of you who might have forgotten what I look like, since I do have a habit of disappearing now and then,



yeah… not the best selfie in the world, but full on truth!

Now, here’s a view of the (almost) famous Highway 14 East in  Louisville, MS, from the top of our driveway, looking first toward the west (townwise) then looking east (towards Macon, MS…



We are actually, the “22530” mailbox.  The other one is our neighbor across the road, and up the hill…



They are up the hill, and we are “down in the valley”…


Here is a widdershins walk around the house, from the north side (facing the highway up the hill) all the way around to the east side, which is the actual front of the house…


on the back side of the house, the south facing side, you will see our wonderful “Well” – yes, it is hand drawn, and yes, we use it – daily!



And here’s a view looking at the front of the house from the base of the driveway, and then looking back up the driveway toward Highway 14 East…



OK, well, that’s a pretty good panorama of the outside, let’s go up on the front porch!



Ok, well, her we go on a walkthru of the house.  this is a view from inside the front door, followed by an all around view of the living room.  Yes, that’s a cast iron heater.  And yes,  we have a fire this morning.  It was in the 30’s when we woke up…



And here’s my lovely aunt, Geraldine!  She’s the strongest and kindest person that I have ever known.  When everyone else in the family that stayed at home got sick and eventually passed away, she way the eternal caregiver – the bastion of strength that kept everything up and going.  She’s now 81, and I swear it’s the new 18…



Here’s a quick view of our bedroom – yes, we share a room like sister and brother.  You can tell which bed is mine, it’s the one turned down already!



Yes – my family has been a perpetual hoarder of pictures…

Then – we go into the second bedroom.  This one used to be my Grandma and Grandpa’s room.  She had the bed by the window (which now acts as a closet, with stored clothes neatly folded in piles and covered by a sheet), and his was the one facing the wall – with the other clothes (that are actually used) neatly folded and piled up… what can I say – we ran out of space, like 3 decades ago…



And oh, but what do we have here!?  Yep, welcome to the 19th century toilet system.  Yep, you guessed it.  There is no running water in this house.  That’s what the Well is for!  But don’t worry, we don’t drink the well water (anymore).  We buy our drinking water.  We use the Well water for washing up and cleaning dishes, you know… regular stuff. But how do you get rid of the waste that builds up (half-daily), you ask?  Remember those woods out back and up the hill?  Well, there’s a path through there…



Actually, this house didn’t even get indoor electricity until as recently as 2004!  At that time my Grandmother fell and broke her hip, and became bedridden – her daughter (Geraldine, the one I’m now living with) finally was able to have electricity put in!  Mamaw never wanted it.  Apparently a house she lived in when she was a girl had it installed and then caught fire and burned down.  She never allowed it in this house until she was unable to protest anymore…

But let’s rewind to this nice black box of stuff at the foot of Papaw’s bed – that’s my own personal TARDIS!  Yeppers – EVERYTHING I own is inside that little black box, from what few clothes to pictures to books I have left to my name… and the MacBook air I’m typing on as well as the iPhone 6 Plus I’m sending this through cell net on…




Now come on – who amongst you can say that you live as lightly as me?  See, one thing I have had to come to terms with during this extended 6 year battle with Social Security Disability, is that I have systematically had to lose EVERYTHING I HAD of value to survive.  You wanna talk about tough times?  Come see me…

But the one thing I can say for sure is that 1) I have always had a pillow to lay down on and 2) I have food to eat, thanks to the generous sharing of my loving aunt and best friend, whose own Social Security payment is just valued at $770 every month (yes, that is not a typo, there are no more zeroes coming here!) So actually, even with the family members who are gonna see this (eventually) and totally freak out (eventually), I can say that now, just as when I was at the ripe old age of 10 or so, am actually the richest man in the world.  And I dare anyone to prove me wrong.


So, to finish out the tour of my wonderful, special, pioneer days/modernization mashup tour of the bestest house i could ever want, here is a glimpse of our bountifully overflowing kitchen and the third bedroom, which has probably become the biggest walk-in closet in the world…



And yes, your eyes are NOT deceiving you, that is a classic cast iron stove, (which we don’t use anymore) standing proudly beside the full electric oven (which we use everyday) …

Come on, can any of you claim to have a more fun and interesting house than this – filled more with memories of love and laughter than any world possession found inside?

Thanks for being my friends, internet friends…

Here’s to hoping that something amazing will (finally) happen in January!



Oh, btw – I think I made it in less than 82.  That’s how many i uploaded, but I didn’t account for the duplicates and edits.  So, anyone actually counting – please let let me know how many I ^actually^ did use?…

October 23, 2017 / TeknoKai

It’s a Macguyver kind of night!

Hey everybody! Hope you’re all well and good. I’m posting this tonight because I really am “Macguyver-ing” a solution to a problem, and it’s been really fun figuring it out! 😜 I hope you read this story and get a good idea from it-I’m just sharing my solution for the fun of it!

Ok. Here’s the situation-I have a Nintendo 2DSXL. It came with a 4 GB SDMicro Card. Now, since Pokemon Ultras are coming out in about a month, I figured (rightly) that I needed to do an upgrade on my 2DSXL, to make room for more games to download (as I usually prefer the digital download to the actual game cartridge) so I got a 64GB SDMicro Card at Target over the weekend while I was in Jackson. Somehow between Mom’s appointments and home, I lost the card extender frame (for fitting the card into an SD reader slot on my Mac).

So, I have a fresh new card, but no way to copy the data from the old one to the new one so it’ll be recognized by the 2DS system. I hunted for hours on the web about ways to transfer data between a Nintendo and a computer- and there actually is an easy way to do it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on an apple product.

Now, me being me, of course I have a MacBook Air as my steady terminal, and I tried the instructions to wirelessly link my 2DS to a computer. My Mac actually sees the device and knows there’s storage on it, but it can’t access it because it isn’t a PC. It isn’t running Windows, it’s running OSX High Sierra. What I needed was a card reader. But I didn’t have one. Then I remembered an old burner phone I once used, and I went looking for it. I found it, in perfect condition, but the battery was completely depleted. I had to charge it for a couple hours before I could power it up.

I plugged in from a wall outlet into the battery to power up the phone, I did a little “Macguyvering”, and it worked! Once the phone was charged enough, I connected it to my Mac.

I use an android tablet (no! Not an iPad!) that I lurve, so I have an app for Android storage transfer on my Mac, so I can shuffle files back and forth between my LG Tablet and my Mac with no obvious problems.

Believe it or not, it came right up on my Mac, after I inserted the MicroSD Card into the old LG phone, fired up Finder, and copied it to a folder on my Mac,

I swapped the old SD card out for the new one in the phone cradle. At first the phone wouldn’t recognize it, so I went through settings to erase the SD card. This obviously formatted the card correctly, and then we were ready for business!

Once the copy was completed, I took the new SDCard from the phone cradle and plugged it back into my 2DSXL. Anxiously awaited the “😍Moment of Truth” – and guess what ? It friggin worked!

Now, I think that’s enough memory to last for quite a while. I’m just so proud of myself! I actually had a “Macguyver Moment”! Using the things I had available at hand to accomplish a task without buying hardware or software specifically for that purpose!

Anyways, I guess I’m set for a while. I hope my sharing of this experience can help someone else, too. But I tell you this – there’s no better feeling that you can get by improvising spontaneously and having it actually work!

Peace, ya’ll,

Till later…


August 8, 2017 / TeknoKai

Would you please answer a random question for me?

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit.  You know how it is – places to go, people to see…

But i would like to ask you to take a moment to answer a random question, one that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…(though I’m not sure why…)

Anyways, here is the question I’m curious about, followed by my personal answer, just so you know I’m curious about myself sometimes, too..

What 3 Books, Fictional or Nonfictional, do you think have helped shape your personality into who you are today?


I thought about this a bit, and though it was extremely difficult (some books seem to weigh in on their own personal profundity) I did manage to narrow the list down to 3.  Here goes:

The first I have to mention is Sir Terry Pratchett’s “Thief of Time”.  This book changed the entire way I look at reality.  And it taught me the power of chocolate.

My second pick is Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story”, the 13th book in ‘The Dresden Files Series”, because it made me realize that sometimes we do the dumbest things for the best of intentions, but we would muk it all up if our friends(?) didn’t step in to save us.

And the third is Douglas Adams’ 2nd “Dirk Gently” novel, “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul”.  Because it hammered home the fact that sometimes when you get all you ask for, you also get a lot of things you don’t really want.

These three tomes have made a very significant mark on who I am today, and the way I think.  I’m quirky, and funny, and serious deep down, and I have a love for Life and everything that I can experience in it.  So, these are some cornerstones in the architecture of me.  What are yours?  Please tell me – you can either comment here or answer me on my Twitter account, my Facebook page, or any other way that you can reach me.  I’d just really like to know.


And before my fellow Christians start whining about why the Bible isn’t listed, it’s because I consider it a compendium of other books; an Omnibus, if you will.  And it’s on my top list … just not my top three.

April 26, 2017 / TeknoKai

The Most Eerily Funny Moment Ever! 😯

Ok, so I just experienced the funniest thing that could ever happen (to me).  And it gets kind of scary, too.  Is someone trying to tell me something? 

Let’s Begin, a Journal of “What Happened To Me Today”.

Today (4/26/2017)

Everything is normal.  

Same as yesterday, expecting the same tomorrow.  

Then I get an email from a PrePaid Card Provider that I use for internet purchases, subscriptions, etc., which kinda blows me away on a galactic scale.  It’s just too funny at the moment to not share it with everyone I can.  Here is a pic of the email:

Ok, some people may not get the joke immediately.  But I have to share it-it is just too cosmically good.  So, I tweet the above image for my followers to enjoy.  

And then I thought, “They will get more out of it if they have the proper frame of reference to compare the idea to”.  So, I remembered a video clip from an old episode of the British TV Game Show, QI, that explains the references in my joke.  

Then, I tweeted the link to said video, so that anyone who didn’t quite get it could understand. That link is here: The number of the Beast (for educational purposes)

That tweeting, in itself, was another joke compounded onto the first one, because I thought in hindsight that I was telling the joke backwards.  It became some sort of Retro-Joke.  It is funny only if you have the right frame of reference.  So, I had given my audience that frame of reference.  Hopefully it would make the joke funnier.  

I wanted to share this hilarity with everyone that I could, so I cross-posted the image to Reddit, where everyone eventually ends up.  But I took another screenshot of the previous tweet, thinking it would give some clarity to the situation.  Because I am “me” it just so happens that on my second screenshot, I captured a retweet of my favorite actor and TV series, which is tangentially related to this in its own way.  The second Screen Shot is here:

Pure Coincidence takes hold.  This joke is growing exponentially on its own.  And it’s becoming more of an event than a joke.

After I post the pictures on Reddit, another “Redditor” comes along with a post of his own.  That image is here: 

That is a creepy fortune in and of itself, but the fact that this happened to another person in an altogether different location on the planet at around the same time, this raises my inner “Dirk Gently”.  There, I’ve done it again – made a joke that some of you won’t understand because you lack the frame of reference of the late beloved author Douglas Adams. But I can’t go down that rabbit hole right now, because I’m trying to make a point out of all of this cosmically funny nonsense. 

Back to my scenario – some random Dude and I received “perilous portents” in different ways, at around the same time, and it just makes me wonder – is some/one/thing trying to send me a message?   What do you think? I am a big believer in Coincidences, but this one is kind of “special”, at least to me.  What started out as funny has become more quizzical than anything else.  Let me know in comments what your thoughts are on the matter.  Maybe this is a big joke, on a cosmic scale, or maybe it’s something more…

July 17, 2016 / TeknoKai

Supernatural Pokemon Fever!

Hello everybody!  It’s been quite a humdinger of a year for me.  I literally fell off the planet for about a year and nobody missed me, save a few family members.  I went to places I’d never dreamed I’d go to in my lifetime, and did my fair share of suffering.  I went through what I call my “Dark Times” – but thankfully, they are over and I am now back in the light and bubbly world of today. Oh, my, what a bubbly world it is!

I guess it’s because I’m a geeky gamer at heart, and always have been, but I have been caught up in the palpable energy of Pokemon lately.  This is the twentieth anniversary of the original release of the Pokemon games, and if you are like me, you have been following the games over the last 20 years and seen how far we’ve come with our new technology and you know how cool the Pokemon franchise has become.  Instead of just fading away into memories like the MASK toys or the Silverhawks (remember them?), Pokemon just kept growing and becoming more pertinent, and they are still with us today.  We actually have new Pokemon that haven’t been discovered yet coming out in the two new games slated to drop this fall – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Pokemon Go! has taken the mobile smartphone world over by storm and outside of the “regular” Pokemon games, you can play Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, or even Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!  It really is becoming a Pokemon world!

This saturation of excitement, a Pokemon fever, if you will, is reminding me of what fun it was to play the original games when they first came out, when I was younger, “back in the day”, so to speak.  It is giving me a little glimpse of my long forgotten youth.  And it is still fun!

Now, I have to confess, I have played Pokemon more in the last couple of years than I did when I was younger, because I finally found the time to play.  And might I say, the new games have so much more depth and story than the earlier ones, and there are many more things you can do in the games than there were.  Pokemon has always had battles, but now you can enter them in talent contests where they can show off the moves you train them to use, and judges give out ribbons for placement. How you train and treat your Pokemon go a long way toward how they interact with you – some Pokemon have to love you unconditionally in order to be able to evolve in the game.  Yes, once you catch your Pokemon, then the fun really starts – you have to train them, level them up, teach them moves to  use in battle (or contests), feed them Pokeblocks, and generally see to their welfare.  It’s like raising your own army of creatures to do your bidding in battle against other trainers to see who’s the best.  And it’s really fun!

And then I had an idea – it struck me out of the blue and I laughed and laughed until I realized that it could really be fun.  I am a fan of many things – TV shows, books, movies, and of course Pokemon.  I thought, “why don’t I name my Pokemon after some character I enjoy watching on, say, a TV show?”  Because when you catch a Pokemon, you always get the chance to name it.  I don’t know why, but my first ever #PokemonMashup, as I call it, came to me when I was watching an episode of my most favorite TV show ever, Supernatural.  But the idea didn’t come from the characters of Sam or Dean, but of the real life actors who played them – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  For some reason I saw Dean (Jensen) and thought of my personal favorite pokemon, Axew.  And it clicked.  I had to go catch an Axew and name it Jensen.  Once I did, I had my first ever “Celebrity” Pokemon in my party.  It was an Axew named Jensen – Jensen Axew.Cmix1HDUcAAn5GA.jpg-large

I am a huge fan of both Jensen and Jared, and I’ll probably never get the chance to see them in person, so I brought a little bit of their celebrity into my Pokemon world.  After I caught Jensen, I knew he couldn’t be alone in my Pokemon party.  So the next Pokemon clicked – Palpitoad.  For Jared.  It just seemed perfect.  So I went out and caught a Tympole and named him Jared.  Then I leveled him up until he evolved into a Palpitoad, and wouldn’t you know it, I now had a team of “Celebrity” Pokemon – I had Jensen Axew and Jared Palpitoad!CmiyPZSUcAALVae

Once I had my two favorite actors #Pokemon’d (as I call it) I knew I couldn’t just stop there.  So I branched out and #Pokemon’d two more actors whom I love from the show – Timothy Omundsun and Mark Sheppard.  I caught an Onix  and named it Timothy.  Onix is a very strong Rock/Ground type Pokemon, and his strength is the characteristic I associated with Mr. Omundsun.  So then I had Timothy Onix to add to the other two.  CniP4pSUsAEcr9r

Mark Sheppard was a fun one to do, because I knew that there is a Pokemon called Stoutland that is a sheep herding Pokemon, thus Sheppard.  So I went out and caught a Lilypup, named him Mark, then proceeded to level him up and evolve him through his Herdier phase and into Stoutland.  Then I had Mark Stoutland.  So now, my “Celebrity” Pokemon party is shaping up nicely!  CniSLjvUMAAWbWb

I have to say, I am having a blast #Pokemoning my favorite celebrities.  I know it’s a quirky thing to do, but I love having my “celebrity ” Pokemon win battles and contests.  I hope my celebrity friends will take it as the compliment it is meant to be – I love having a little bit of Celebrity on my team when I “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”  And I hope that my team will continue to grow – because I have a couple of other favorite actors/tresses that I am on the hunt for Pokemon now.  When I catch them, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Update: in addition to the Celebrity Pokemon above, I now also have added the following Celebrities to my party…

Eddie McClintock <=> Eddie (Milotic) 

Emily Rose <=> Emily (Roselia)

Eric Balfour <=> Eric (Baltoy)