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September 25, 2012 / TeknoKai

My “Thank You” to all my author friends…

Earlier today I was having a conversation on Twitter with one of my favorite authors, Victoria Laurie.  Victoria writes the “Ghost Hunter” mysteries starring MJ Holliday, and the “Psychic Eye” series of novels starring Abbey Cooper.  I got the chance to thank Victoria for all the joy her characters have brought into my life.  But I didn’t want any of my other author friends to feel left out!

On the contrary, every word I wrote to Victoria was meant just as much for the wonderful Jennifer Estep, for giving me the elemental assassin known as “The Spider”, but better known as Gin Blanco to her friends, and letting me see how strong one can be when faced with adversity, and still not give up.  Every word was also meant for the wonderfully witty and lovely Molly Harper, whose gift of snark has made me blow my drink out of my nose many a time, since I can’t enjoy a soft drink without catching a laughing fit wile I’m drinking it if I’m listening to either her “Naked Werewolf” series or her “Jane Jamison” series, or even the broader characters who are popping up in Half-Moon Hollow, Kentucky.

The sentiments also go to the breathtaking Kat Richardson, who has pulled me into the Greywalker world right alongside Harper; the wonderfully wild and intelligent Carrie Vaughn who has graced me with many a late night radio show (in my head) of Kitty Norville, the werewolf host of “The Midnight Hour”; and the ever adorable Kevin Hearne, whose 2000 year old druid Atticus is quite rightly one of the most pop culturally knowledgeable people I’ve ever known.

The lovely Charlaine Harris has captivated me with her stories of a small town in Louisiana (which hits close to home, as I myself am a native Mississippian!) and Faith Hunter has grabbed my attention with her skinwalker Jane Yellowrock, professional vampire hunter with the motto “Have Stakes, Will Travel”.  The lovely Terry Pratchett has oft times wisked me away to the Discworld where I could learn more about what is happening in today’s news by viewing it through the lens of parody he created to give us humans a chance to laugh at, and learn from, our own social misgivings.  And the powerhouse of a wizard that is Harry Dresden himself – the man who always fights for those who can’t defend themselves, who is always dropped into darkness and left to find his own way to the light, is constantly in my thoughts because of the pure beauty of Jim Butcher’s writing style, and his view that bad things happen to good people not only in reality, but also in fiction.  His pure, blunt style is what makes his characters seem so real.

The point of my conversation with Ms. Laurie was that I wanted to thank her for bringing me characters into my life that invigorate my imagination and make me want to know “What happens next?!”  There are times in all our lives when we feel low, or just don’t know if it is worth trying to fight to keep going, just to face the same thing day after day.  But because of her characters, and indeed the characters I have mentioned by these other amazing authors, and the stories they each tell where they face the same kind of (albeit fictional) troubles we do, give me motivation.  Motivation to get up and keep moving.  Because like Gin Blanco, I will not be outdone by the bad guys.  Like Atticus, I have to do my daily part to try and preserve something of a type of order on this earth.  Like Harry Dresden, I know there will be others out there who are weaker than me and who will need someone to stand up for them when the time comes.  And I try to be that person, in reality, who would mirror myself if I were a fictional character also.

So I would like all of my author friends to know that I am giving them my thanks.  Because of the characters their imaginations have created, they have given me goals that I can aspire to – and shown me ways that I can be a better person in real life.  They have put me in the mindset that “I can do anything, and yes, no matter how complacent we get, life is precious and still worth fighting for with every breath.”  There is always a reason to go on – if for nothing else but to see what happens next.  And while we are watching our favorite characters with rapt attention, here in the “real world” we just might be bringing about in ourselves some of the characteristics of the characters we hold dear.  We may be our own vehicle of change and not know it, but it is all because of the characters these authors have given us, that we know and love, and sometimes, secretly wish we were more like.

And that is why I think my fabulous author friends deserve my thanks.  Because we as fans do think these things; but sometimes it isn’t easy to express.  I know that while I have the opportunity I am saying “Thank You” for dreaming up such wonderful characters and stories, and for sharing those dreams with us fans, so that we can use them to brighten up our realities each day, a little bit at a time.  You guys are wonderful, and I hope the stories go on forever – as long as they do, I know I’m gonna be first in line at the release of each new one saying “OK! Now what’s next?”

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