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May 27, 2013 / TeknoKai

Can One (Perfectly Average) Man’s Words Reach Around the World?

Before this day and digital age, I would have said no.  But something special has happened in the last couple of years that has made every person on earth (technically) reachable by another – the advent of social media.  Because of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus,, and too many other sites to name where people congregate to spread their ideas, thoughts, and general feelings, we citizens of the net, or “Netizens”, are really no more than a fingertip’s touch away from each other.  The case in point I am bringing to your attention is mine.

May 25th was what I may call a “perfect day”.  It was #TowelDay – a day in which all “geekdom” celebrates the legacy of the beloved Douglas Adams, who left our mortal real too soon.  This year, instead of conspiring against me, the universe seemed to line up all the right things in the right places, at the right time.  I have never had this happen before.  I had one of the most fun days I think I may ever have in my life.  And it was because I was celebrating wit, and knowledge, and all those who came before to leave it to my generation and beyond. I was overcome by the fount of creativity that welled up within me, and for the last 48 hours or so, I have written thoughts and ideas that I never would have at any time else in my life.

The most amazing part?  I can share it with the world – celebrity and non-celebrity alike.  As most typical average people do, I idolize a few celebrity people in my life who I think are in my conscious decisions daily, making me think about what I do.  I mean, who hasn’t, at one point, come across a situation where their mind flashed “WWDWD” and not thought “What Would Dean Winchester Do?”  (This is truly quite hilarious, as one would think Dean Winchester would be the last person on earth to contemplate a Douglas Adams character, since he had no time while growing up to really enjoy the classics of science fiction.  But I’m willing to bet that Dean Winchester would know about Douglas Adams, because one of the first places little boys find to escape reality is Science Fiction.) And because Dean is himself a fictional character, I instinctively transpose him with the “real life” actor who plays him, Jensen Ackles.  Because I know the difference between reality and fantasy, and I know that sometimes, one strengthens the other.

At any rate, when I have a thought like this (Jensen is just a typical example!) I like to write it down, and record it for posterity, if not for myself.  And I did that yesterday, with the beginnings of the “article” I wrote in honor of Douglas Adams and tried (at first, unsuccessfully) to post to the H2g2 website.  From there, when I thought I had lost what I so brilliantly crafted, I re-crafted it again, and this time I made sure I saved it.  If you’d like to know the entirety of what I’m talking about, just go to my Twitter account, @TeknoKai, and start from the last 24 hours worth of posts, until the time I post this.  Or better yet, simply click here:   then read the post directly previous to this one here on WordPress. (You might still want to visit my Twitter stream, though, because some of my tweets were truly creative and expounded my original idea.) Then you can have the true “3 D Cinematic Experience!” of my life that day.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait, if you want to read it, or I can continue and you can go back later.  The choice is yours.

So, after I had this most amazingly creative day, I decided that I wanted to share it – and share it with as many people in the world as possible in the spirit of the true “Hitchhiker’s Guide” that our beloved DA left us with.  And for the first time in human history, I realized that I could not only record my words, but maybe have them reach the eyes of the very people that I idolize.  This would not have been possible before the advent of what we now commonly call “social media”.  But the world has truly changed.  Actors I have loved for years I am now following daily on Twitter.  I chat with the authors of the books that I read (or actually, audiobooks I listen to!) quite regularly.  And the most amazing thing is that THEY CHAT BACK.  This wasn’t possible, even in the short span of a decade, before now.

Social media has given us a way to connect with the people we love to watch, read about, go all “gushy fan-girl (or guy)” about, and let them know it.  We who are not gifted with their talents, but who have talents all our own, are able to interact with the people we admire, idolize, love, and in some cases, hate.  There is no longer a visible gap between celebrity and normality.  And we love it.

Above all, the fans have a chance to let their idols know, in a uniquely singular way, how they feel.  They have a chance to put their own personal spin on the same words uttered by every other fan in existence – but “I LoveYou!” said by me is quite different than the same sentiment from the person right beside me.  We each now have a chance to let the people we admire know.

And this is truly a two-way street.  Celebrities can “verify” that they are who they are, so the fans will know.  Celebrities can put faces to the names of people who have written them fan letters and words of support and encouragement.  And this makes the fan want to be a better fan.  We know our idols know who we are, now we must show them that we really are who we say.  It’s indescribably brilliant.  And I am proud to be a part of it.  There are many celebrities that I adore, and I follow most of them avidly.  And quite surprisingly, a few of them (highly mentionable are @eddiemcclintock, @mrsstephenfry, and @jupitusphilip) actually have followed me back!  Some of my favorite authors chat with me regularly, and though they haven’t followed me, I can always grab their attention by directing a Tweet their way.  The universe has normalized itself, and we are all on equal ground.

This is why I believe that the answer to my original question is a resounding “Yes!”.  In the dark days of the past, there was no way for people who live as disparately apart as modern society does to communicate with each other.  But thankfully the advent of technology, as well as the ever growing level of human intelligence, is making the world more equal, one tweet at a time.  I am glad that I am here to be a part of it.  I just want to see if this missive can actually do what the title proposes.  I have my fingers crossed.  We shall see.


I have one tiny afterthought I would like to tack onto  this.  Maybe Orwell was on the right track, but in the wrong direction with his classic “1984”.  It may have come to pass almost thirty years later than planned, and it isn’t “Big Brother” that’s watching you – it’s the entire world.  But honestly, who would you try to be a better person for, “Big Brother”, or the rest of humanity?  Think about it.

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