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May 27, 2013 / TeknoKai

I just had the most {sur}realistic dream ever…

Please, bear with me, friends.  I just emerged from a night of torrid struggle through the dreamscape of my mind, and I want to preserve this memory for as long as I possibly can, so I’ll be quick.  I just had the most (sur)realistic dream I ever had.  I am writing it that way because for some reason unfathomable to me, this dream I was in was both surreal and realistic at the same time.  I think it’s the first time I became aware that I was “me” inside a dream.  That’s never happened before, to the extent that I could separate myself into two realities at once.  I hope that by the time I reach the end of this blog I will have made at least some sense to some one.  This was just too unbelievably awesome not to share.

I was dreaming that I was a ghost.  In my dream, I was a ghost of who I had once been, but at that particular moment, for some reason, the mortal me was not here and all that was left was my ghost.  But I was a ghost of myself, in reality, right now.  I think that’s why I knew it was a dream.  At any rate, it gets better.

I was on the set of Supernatural.  Yes, the TV show.  Since this has always been my favorite TV show ever, I thought it ironic that I was there.  Especially since I was a ghost.  But I was the “guest star” in this episode that was filming, because my love of the show and the actors and the fandom had actually gotten through to some (one? thing?) in charge and I was to be given a bit part for one show as an actual entity for the boys to dissipate.  It was kinda like live action reality TV.  I was lucky enough to be here because someone had whispered my name around the set, and everybody involved in the show knew I was a actually a fan, and it was as if this was my one wish before crossing over.  But every time we tried to shoot the scene that culminated in my banishment (from life? from the TV show?) we always got halfway through and stopped because we all died laughing.  Once it was because at the critical moment one of the cameramen shouted “Moose!” in the background.  Many other times it was something similar.  And I remember standing between Jensen and Jared and Misha all in a circle, and laughing until it hurt.  Finally someone said something like “Cut! Daily!” and we all managed to walk off set still trembling with laughter.  I remember thinking – “I’m not done yet!  I get to come back tomorrow!”  and I had the feeling of the most utter joy in the world.  And then I woke up.  And my face was hurting from smiling.

I don’t know about you guys, but that seemed to me to be the most perfect dream ever.  I can still picture myself on set with our boys thinking “How the Hell did I get lucky enough to be here?”  All I know is, I hope I have recorded this dream well enough that everyone in the fandom I love can enjoy it.  I know I did.  And that may just have been the dream of a lifetime.

😉  Whew.  OK – cold water… good, breathing… good, relax…back to sleep? Oh, I wish.  Love to all my brothers and sisters in the greatest fandom on earth.  You all gave me one night of joy!

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