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November 11, 2013 / TeknoKai

My Birthday Challlenge 2013…

Hello, friends and Netizens!

Well, here it is Fall once more, and quickly approaching is my Birthday, on November 29.  This is a milestone year for me – I will be turning the big “40”!!!

So, this year, I am making my challenge a little different, and hopefully, a little more effective.

In past years I have pledge that for every celeb shoutout I get, I donate $1 to charity.  This has always ended up rating me around 50 celeb shouts out and me donating $50.  This year – because it my “40”th -I’m pledging $1 for every shoutout and $5 for every celebrity shoutout.  So this year every single shoutout counts! You have from right now till midnight on November 29th to send me Twitter Birthday wishes.   If you do I will pledge $1 for every friend shoutout, or $5 if you are a celebrity (whether your a friend in my follow list or not) to go to charity to help someone have a happy time through the holidays.  Please, friends, let’s make this year count – it has been kind of a crappy year for me, but I want to make it end on a good note, with hopes for a brighter next year!  So get out your phones and send me your tweets!  In the past, I have waited until the day before to start this – but this year I’m giving you time to make it count.  So please, help me out?  All I need is a Hello or a HB.  Thanks for everything guys – let’s, let’s make this year awesome!

Your Friend,


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