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November 22, 2013 / TeknoKai

A Short Little November Update For All My Fellow Netizens!

Hello everybody!  I hope you’re all healthy and doing well today, this Friday, the 22nd day of November 2013!

Now, this is my “used to be best friend’s (for 15 years)” birthday.  It is exactly 1 week before mine.  I remember the times we had – we did some awesome stuff.  Then I came out 2 years ago.  He hasn’t even looked my way since.  He was the only friend I had here in town – the only one I could call on if I needed help and couldn’t get to family.  And that’s all gone.  I miss it.  Every Damned Day.  But I am not ashamed of being me – and if I hadn’t decided to be myself it would have felt like I was acting my way through life, not living it.  I do miss the good times, and I wish they were back, but I can’t do anything about it except move forward.  So that’s what this update is about.  I’m wishing my ex best friend the Happiest Birthday in the World, and moving on out!

As most of you know, I value charity more than any other attribute.  And every year, on my birthday, I hold the “Celeb Shout Out”, which I started a couple of weeks ago.  This is actually the 4th year I’m doing this, so it has kinda become an annual thing for me!  I’ve gotten a few shout outs , and I’m favoriting them as I see them to count them for the charity drive.  This year I’m turning 40 – so this year I’m pledging $1 for every “Happy Birthday” I get from anybody, and $5 for any “Happy Birthday” I get from anyone with Celebrity status.  You may think I’m weird, but I just like to touch base with as many people as possible – to say that I at least, at one time, said “Hello!” It makes me feel a little less of a nobody who has crawled under a rock and is just waiting to die, and more of an “I am out here, people, let’s have fun!” type of guy.  Because in reality, I am a nobody – nobody knows me, know body thinks about me on a daily basis, and practically nobody in the world even knows I exist, except here at my terminal.  My “Word World”.  My Portal to everybody else.  I may physically never be in the same room as you, but exponentially I can be wherever you are whenever you need me.  The net gives us this gift of omnipresence.  And though I would rather meet my celebrity friends in real life, and shake their hand as I say “Hello”, with the net, I at least get to say the “Hello”, because location is a factor.  The biggest one.  I am never where they are because I am here, and they don’t come here.  I kind of yearn for the spotlight, but I’m not physically made for the spotlight, so I sit back and watch those who are.  And if they get to know me or my face through the net, then at least they will have acknowledged my existence.  It makes me feel more “me”. That’s what I get out of it – a little acknowledgement and attention that I don’t get on a daily basis.  And Im glad to help out the charity that I choose because I really do feel like we are only doing our best when we are caring for others.  And this year it is doubly special in that respect as well.

This year’s charity I have chosen is the “Stand Up To Cancer” fund, because one of the most important people in my life – though we rarely ever talk or see each other (because of the paths our lives have led us out to that are in opposite directions, but doing the same work), is at this very moment going through Chemo / Radiation Treatments at a cancer center in Dallas right now.  He started about a week ago, and he is going to be going through one of the toughest times of his life right now, but I know he can pull through it because he has much work to be done on this earth yet.  So I pray for him every day.  Mr. Roger Whitlock, my Marketing teacher in high school, one of the people who taught me, shaped me, gave me courage, to be the man I am today, is going through this cancer treatment regimen, and I am thankful that I can be with him through his status updates, even though I can’t be there in person.

We each have one person in our lives, who, at the perfect time, is there to guide us into the adults we need to be,  Mr.  Whitlock is that for me – he is my mentor, and my friend.  I am far from perfect – but when I face choices that can lead to either good or bad decisions, I always think of him and his advice before making an informed decision.  And If I keep it up until November 29th – I will have made it through 40 years with this philosophy.  Mr. Whitlock was a father figure for me when my father wasn’t available, and that’s kind of how I think of him still today.  So, this year, I am giving all I raise to help fight cancer – we are progressing, people!  There has been a confirmed curing of a child with the HIV virus this year – we can beat all odds.  Humanity is capable of doing so much, if we all work together.  And this year, my birthday is going to be a celebration of life for all my friends, enemies, and frenemies – for everybody to enjoy!  I wish for hope and health and happiness for everyone I have been graced enough to touch in this short little life I’ve lived to-date.  So if you have a friend who hasn’t met me yet, pass on this blog – because everyone is counting this year.  And I truly want it to be “the more the merrier!”

That said, we’re diving into the last full week before my birthday, which is next Friday, exactly one week from my ex best friends birthday, which is today.  So if you know anyone on Twitter that I don’t know, celebrity or not, send them my way.  If I get  Birthday shout outs  before midnight next Friday from them, then I will use their shout out in the tally count for the donation I’ll make on December !!

Remember –  I love you all, and I hope that we can at least have a digital get together for the holidays this year, even if we (I) are in a place where there won’t be much traveling…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and hopefully we’ll be here on the net somewhere chatting as we go into my official Birthday, the day after!

Love to All~


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