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December 14, 2013 / TeknoKai

I am…

I am broken.

I am the reject.

I am the embodiment of every shattered dream of a future that once mirrored the endless wonder of my hope.

I am the absence of every touch that could have been, hug that could have been, kiss that could have been.

I am the silence, screaming into the night – the wails of what could have, should have been – yet never were  because of the choices I made.

I am the epitome of everything in my life that I did not wish to be.

I am the antithesis of what I should have been.

I am lost.

I am alone.

I am declaring this unto all who hear or see – I have nothing to hide.

I am tired – I have fought many battles and lost most, winning very few.

I am the revenant of a perfect opportunity ignored and lost in the dust of time.

I am not who I wanted to be.

I am the unwept tears that could possibly be freedom from this wrongness that reality has become.

I am the emptiness, the void, of what I once called creativity.

I am – and I don’t know how to be.

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