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November 24, 2014 / TeknoKai

My Annual Birthday Celeb Shoutout!

Hey guys! It’s me, lil’ ol’ @Teknokai from the Twitterverse!

I posted this a few weeks ago, but now is the time for me to really promote it! Please join in-it’s all in good fun, and it get to be beneficial for some people who need it!

As you all know, November 29 is just around the corner, and this year I’ll be 41! I’m celebrating in the usual way … The only thing I want for my birthday is a shoutout from my friends! I love you guys! And this year (which is the 4th year I’m doing this!) I’m making another special commitment to you! For every friend who gives me a shoutout between now and my Birfday on November 29, I’ll pledge $4.00 to my charity of choice, which this year is the lovely people of St. Jude’s taking care of the illnesses of our next generation, our future! The super special part is, if you are a celebrity & give me a shoutout, the donation amount is $4.10 (because, y’know, I’m 41)! Why that extra dime? Well, I believe everybody’s shoutout should count as something good, but I know most celebrities are too busy trying to keep us entertained, so the extra dime is for them taking the time out of their impossibly packed schedules to say “Hi!” To little old me!
I usually don’t start this up till the beginning of November, but I want this year to be special! So I’m starting counting TODAY! In the past, I don’t think my friends have had enough notice to join me in my Birfday Celebration, so this year I’m giving you extra time! That’s right-any shoutout to me between now and November 29 counts, so you can just say “Hi” today or wait till then to say Happy Birthday. And if you mention me at all, I’m counting it, so multiple messages count as multiple donations! Come on, everyone! I just got a new job and a new lease on life-give me a reason to spend my money on something good! I’m hoping my #SPNFamily will be at the forefront of promoting this, but pass it on to anyone you know. Let’s do something amazing this year!
Love you all, stay safe, and I’ll be talking to you again soon!


**********Update 11/24/2014**********

It’s almost here! We have about a week to go until the 29th, so start sending those shoutouts on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ today! Remember, I’m counting every one-so multiples make the goal higher! Thank you to all my friends who do this every year-this year’s gonna be the best so far!!! Love Ya’ll 😝


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