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March 14, 2015 / TeknoKai

My Farewell to Sir Terry Pratchett

Dear friends and fellow netizens,

It is with heavy heart that I come to you today, for the world has lost a truly genius author and it feels as though I have lost a dear friend.  Yesterday the beloved of so many in the geek community, Sir Terry Pratchett, passed away at the tender age of 66.  Sir Terry was a true delight to me – his Discworld novels have been the staple of my favorite fantasy fiction since I first discovered him in the 90’s.  His novels are the very first that I ever shared with my little brother when he was just getting into th reading realm, and it is over the Discworld novels that he and I bonded with a shared love of the cutting satire and wit that Sir Terry was so adept at.  Over the course of the last twenty or so odd years of my life I have regularly revisited the Disc, and I have thrilled at the more modern releases of the works in both Graphic novel format and in the live action movies that have been finding tier way to the small screen over the last few years.

The Disc has always been a place I could easily retreat to whenever I felt like the real world was just a little too much.  And the eager anticipation that I felt whenever I heard that a new novel was on its way is something that I know I will surely miss.  The idea that I’ll never have another new adventure to look forward to on the Disc is already leaving a hole in my heart.  I know that Sir Terry had finished one more novel of the Disc which is schedule for a future release soon, but I already feel the emptiness that will follow once I have consumed that last adventure in my beloved land of dwarves and night watchmen, the home of the unforgettable witches of the Ramtop mountains, and the domain of, yes, DEATH himself.  One of the most remarkable features of this imaginary realm is the fact that Sir Terry not only anthropomorphosed DEATH into an character of vivid interaction with the rest of the denizens of the Disc, but managed to make him one of the most human of all the characters who live there.

Through his ever pervasive wit and ease of dealing with some of the toughest situations dealing with the world today, Sir Terry managed to forge a truly magical place – a place where magic existed, and terrible and wodrous creatures dwelled, but where most often the most powerful tool a hero could posess was not sourcery, or riches, or even ammunition; rather it was a sharp mind and keen intellect.  And there was never any shortage of courage – it was teased effortlessly out of even the most staunchly defiant protagonists.  

I never had the chance to meet Sir Terry in person.  I was always planning on making a trip one day to one of the Discworld festivals or Conventions where he would sometimes appear, and I always knew that one day I’d have the chance to bask in his presence.  Unfortunately, that will never be.  But he left enough of himself with me, with all of us, through his novels and brilliant satirizations of modern life that it still feels like I have lost a friend that I’ve known all my life.  I mourn his passing, but I am somehow unable to be sad – because I know that he left the better part of himself with us, and it will always be here to remind us of how we should view the world – with innocent joy and uncompromising expectation, always experiencing the ecstasy of unbridle surprise at each moment the comes, because every moment is a new time to experience life to the fullest.  So I say a fond farewell to one of the authors who helped shape most of my life, and know that one day I shall see him again in that dark desert underneath eternal night, where all good things come to an end and even better things are born from them.  Godspeed, Sir Terry, and thank you for all the joy you have given to me and so many others.



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