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July 17, 2016 / TeknoKai

Supernatural Pokemon Fever!

Hello everybody!  It’s been quite a humdinger of a year for me.  I literally fell off the planet for about a year and nobody missed me, save a few family members.  I went to places I’d never dreamed I’d go to in my lifetime, and did my fair share of suffering.  I went through what I call my “Dark Times” – but thankfully, they are over and I am now back in the light and bubbly world of today. Oh, my, what a bubbly world it is!

I guess it’s because I’m a geeky gamer at heart, and always have been, but I have been caught up in the palpable energy of Pokemon lately.  This is the twentieth anniversary of the original release of the Pokemon games, and if you are like me, you have been following the games over the last 20 years and seen how far we’ve come with our new technology and you know how cool the Pokemon franchise has become.  Instead of just fading away into memories like the MASK toys or the Silverhawks (remember them?), Pokemon just kept growing and becoming more pertinent, and they are still with us today.  We actually have new Pokemon that haven’t been discovered yet coming out in the two new games slated to drop this fall – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Pokemon Go! has taken the mobile smartphone world over by storm and outside of the “regular” Pokemon games, you can play Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, or even Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!  It really is becoming a Pokemon world!

This saturation of excitement, a Pokemon fever, if you will, is reminding me of what fun it was to play the original games when they first came out, when I was younger, “back in the day”, so to speak.  It is giving me a little glimpse of my long forgotten youth.  And it is still fun!

Now, I have to confess, I have played Pokemon more in the last couple of years than I did when I was younger, because I finally found the time to play.  And might I say, the new games have so much more depth and story than the earlier ones, and there are many more things you can do in the games than there were.  Pokemon has always had battles, but now you can enter them in talent contests where they can show off the moves you train them to use, and judges give out ribbons for placement. How you train and treat your Pokemon go a long way toward how they interact with you – some Pokemon have to love you unconditionally in order to be able to evolve in the game.  Yes, once you catch your Pokemon, then the fun really starts – you have to train them, level them up, teach them moves to  use in battle (or contests), feed them Pokeblocks, and generally see to their welfare.  It’s like raising your own army of creatures to do your bidding in battle against other trainers to see who’s the best.  And it’s really fun!

And then I had an idea – it struck me out of the blue and I laughed and laughed until I realized that it could really be fun.  I am a fan of many things – TV shows, books, movies, and of course Pokemon.  I thought, “why don’t I name my Pokemon after some character I enjoy watching on, say, a TV show?”  Because when you catch a Pokemon, you always get the chance to name it.  I don’t know why, but my first ever #PokemonMashup, as I call it, came to me when I was watching an episode of my most favorite TV show ever, Supernatural.  But the idea didn’t come from the characters of Sam or Dean, but of the real life actors who played them – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  For some reason I saw Dean (Jensen) and thought of my personal favorite pokemon, Axew.  And it clicked.  I had to go catch an Axew and name it Jensen.  Once I did, I had my first ever “Celebrity” Pokemon in my party.  It was an Axew named Jensen – Jensen Axew.Cmix1HDUcAAn5GA.jpg-large

I am a huge fan of both Jensen and Jared, and I’ll probably never get the chance to see them in person, so I brought a little bit of their celebrity into my Pokemon world.  After I caught Jensen, I knew he couldn’t be alone in my Pokemon party.  So the next Pokemon clicked – Palpitoad.  For Jared.  It just seemed perfect.  So I went out and caught a Tympole and named him Jared.  Then I leveled him up until he evolved into a Palpitoad, and wouldn’t you know it, I now had a team of “Celebrity” Pokemon – I had Jensen Axew and Jared Palpitoad!CmiyPZSUcAALVae

Once I had my two favorite actors #Pokemon’d (as I call it) I knew I couldn’t just stop there.  So I branched out and #Pokemon’d two more actors whom I love from the show – Timothy Omundsun and Mark Sheppard.  I caught an Onix  and named it Timothy.  Onix is a very strong Rock/Ground type Pokemon, and his strength is the characteristic I associated with Mr. Omundsun.  So then I had Timothy Onix to add to the other two.  CniP4pSUsAEcr9r

Mark Sheppard was a fun one to do, because I knew that there is a Pokemon called Stoutland that is a sheep herding Pokemon, thus Sheppard.  So I went out and caught a Lilypup, named him Mark, then proceeded to level him up and evolve him through his Herdier phase and into Stoutland.  Then I had Mark Stoutland.  So now, my “Celebrity” Pokemon party is shaping up nicely!  CniSLjvUMAAWbWb

I have to say, I am having a blast #Pokemoning my favorite celebrities.  I know it’s a quirky thing to do, but I love having my “celebrity ” Pokemon win battles and contests.  I hope my celebrity friends will take it as the compliment it is meant to be – I love having a little bit of Celebrity on my team when I “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”  And I hope that my team will continue to grow – because I have a couple of other favorite actors/tresses that I am on the hunt for Pokemon now.  When I catch them, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Update: in addition to the Celebrity Pokemon above, I now also have added the following Celebrities to my party…

Eddie McClintock <=> Eddie (Milotic) 

Emily Rose <=> Emily (Roselia)

Eric Balfour <=> Eric (Baltoy) 


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