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April 26, 2017 / TeknoKai

The Most Eerily Funny Moment Ever! 😯

Ok, so I just experienced the funniest thing that could ever happen (to me).  And it gets kind of scary, too.  Is someone trying to tell me something? 

Let’s Begin, a Journal of “What Happened To Me Today”.

Today (4/26/2017)

Everything is normal.  

Same as yesterday, expecting the same tomorrow.  

Then I get an email from a PrePaid Card Provider that I use for internet purchases, subscriptions, etc., which kinda blows me away on a galactic scale.  It’s just too funny at the moment to not share it with everyone I can.  Here is a pic of the email:

Ok, some people may not get the joke immediately.  But I have to share it-it is just too cosmically good.  So, I tweet the above image for my followers to enjoy.  

And then I thought, “They will get more out of it if they have the proper frame of reference to compare the idea to”.  So, I remembered a video clip from an old episode of the British TV Game Show, QI, that explains the references in my joke.  

Then, I tweeted the link to said video, so that anyone who didn’t quite get it could understand. That link is here: The number of the Beast (for educational purposes)

That tweeting, in itself, was another joke compounded onto the first one, because I thought in hindsight that I was telling the joke backwards.  It became some sort of Retro-Joke.  It is funny only if you have the right frame of reference.  So, I had given my audience that frame of reference.  Hopefully it would make the joke funnier.  

I wanted to share this hilarity with everyone that I could, so I cross-posted the image to Reddit, where everyone eventually ends up.  But I took another screenshot of the previous tweet, thinking it would give some clarity to the situation.  Because I am “me” it just so happens that on my second screenshot, I captured a retweet of my favorite actor and TV series, which is tangentially related to this in its own way.  The second Screen Shot is here:

Pure Coincidence takes hold.  This joke is growing exponentially on its own.  And it’s becoming more of an event than a joke.

After I post the pictures on Reddit, another “Redditor” comes along with a post of his own.  That image is here: 

That is a creepy fortune in and of itself, but the fact that this happened to another person in an altogether different location on the planet at around the same time, this raises my inner “Dirk Gently”.  There, I’ve done it again – made a joke that some of you won’t understand because you lack the frame of reference of the late beloved author Douglas Adams. But I can’t go down that rabbit hole right now, because I’m trying to make a point out of all of this cosmically funny nonsense. 

Back to my scenario – some random Dude and I received “perilous portents” in different ways, at around the same time, and it just makes me wonder – is some/one/thing trying to send me a message?   What do you think? I am a big believer in Coincidences, but this one is kind of “special”, at least to me.  What started out as funny has become more quizzical than anything else.  Let me know in comments what your thoughts are on the matter.  Maybe this is a big joke, on a cosmic scale, or maybe it’s something more…


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