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October 23, 2017 / TeknoKai

It’s a Macguyver kind of night!

Hey everybody! Hope you’re all well and good. I’m posting this tonight because I really am “Macguyver-ing” a solution to a problem, and it’s been really fun figuring it out! 😜 I hope you read this story and get a good idea from it-I’m just sharing my solution for the fun of it!

Ok. Here’s the situation-I have a Nintendo 2DSXL. It came with a 4 GB SDMicro Card. Now, since Pokemon Ultras are coming out in about a month, I figured (rightly) that I needed to do an upgrade on my 2DSXL, to make room for more games to download (as I usually prefer the digital download to the actual game cartridge) so I got a 64GB SDMicro Card at Target over the weekend while I was in Jackson. Somehow between Mom’s appointments and home, I lost the card extender frame (for fitting the card into an SD reader slot on my Mac).

So, I have a fresh new card, but no way to copy the data from the old one to the new one so it’ll be recognized by the 2DS system. I hunted for hours on the web about ways to transfer data between a Nintendo and a computer- and there actually is an easy way to do it! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on an apple product.

Now, me being me, of course I have a MacBook Air as my steady terminal, and I tried the instructions to wirelessly link my 2DS to a computer. My Mac actually sees the device and knows there’s storage on it, but it can’t access it because it isn’t a PC. It isn’t running Windows, it’s running OSX High Sierra. What I needed was a card reader. But I didn’t have one. Then I remembered an old burner phone I once used, and I went looking for it. I found it, in perfect condition, but the battery was completely depleted. I had to charge it for a couple hours before I could power it up.

I plugged in from a wall outlet into the battery to power up the phone, I did a little “Macguyvering”, and it worked! Once the phone was charged enough, I connected it to my Mac.

I use an android tablet (no! Not an iPad!) that I lurve, so I have an app for Android storage transfer on my Mac, so I can shuffle files back and forth between my LG Tablet and my Mac with no obvious problems.

Believe it or not, it came right up on my Mac, after I inserted the MicroSD Card into the old LG phone, fired up Finder, and copied it to a folder on my Mac,

I swapped the old SD card out for the new one in the phone cradle. At first the phone wouldn’t recognize it, so I went through settings to erase the SD card. This obviously formatted the card correctly, and then we were ready for business!

Once the copy was completed, I took the new SDCard from the phone cradle and plugged it back into my 2DSXL. Anxiously awaited the “😍Moment of Truth” – and guess what ? It friggin worked!

Now, I think that’s enough memory to last for quite a while. I’m just so proud of myself! I actually had a “Macguyver Moment”! Using the things I had available at hand to accomplish a task without buying hardware or software specifically for that purpose!

Anyways, I guess I’m set for a while. I hope my sharing of this experience can help someone else, too. But I tell you this – there’s no better feeling that you can get by improvising spontaneously and having it actually work!

Peace, ya’ll,

Till later…



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