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I am a science fiction and anime fan, avid audiobook listener, and all around nice guy.  My name, TeknoKai, is derived from a contraction of Technology or Technological into “Tekno” and the Japanese word for change, “Kai”.  I came up with this name many years ago when I was a full time computer programmer (before I became an IT Manager and Consultant), and I really liked it because it was my personal way of saying “Hey!  I am at the forefront of Technological Change!  Things are happening, the world is growing, and I’m going to be right there with it!”   I always thought it was a cool name, and it stuck.  Nowadays I am “TeknoKai” to almost everyone on the internet – from Twitter to Facebook to Google + to LinkedIn.  I’m only “Terry” when Im at home and in this reality.  But you can call me either.  I promise, I’ll answer to both.  *Grin*  Thanks for checking out my blog.  This is where I will pontificate on the philosophical questions that catch my attention, and maybe once in a while do a book, TV show, or movie review.  I tend to do book reviews because I like inflating the egos of the authors I follow regularly – Hey, somebody has to show them some love!  So now you’ve been warned.  Expect the unexpected and keep an open mind.  I may not post all the time, but when I do, it’ll be fun.  Hope to see you here when I do!


Author’s Addendum: 07/12/2013

I just want to add one small thing here, for those of you who have begun following me since my kickoff of the #KeepWarehouse13Alive!!! Campaign.  Just to clarify, yes, I know my limits.  I was not born gifted with either beauty or grace.  I would probably break mirrors, were I to stand in front of them long enough.  But I am me, and I am proud to be me.  I was blessed with a deep intellectual understanding, the ability to empathize with almost everyone, a bountiful and kind heart toward my fellow man, and almost no tendency for violence.  Do I get angry?  Of course – but I’ll be damned if I ever let my anger harm another.  And the best thing I was blessed with, above all, are my lovely, lovely words.  As long as I can convey an idea, I will do my best to stand strong within it.  I am not egotistical enough to think I am always right – I urge people to correct me when I’m wrong.  Otherwise, I’ll never learn.  But If I hold steadfast to a belief, and have logically gotten myself there, then no one will ever change my mind unless they present something better.  And If they disagree, that’s perfectly OK – we were not meant to all think alike.  If we didn’t disagree, or counter each other, we’d never progress, and we’d still be sitting in a cave eating mammoth meat over an open fire.  (Though there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that either, I just prefer my steaks on a flavorful charcoal grill.)

~May you find Harmony



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  1. scottishmomus / Aug 30 2013 2:13 pm

    You sound like a lovely person. Hope to get to know you better.x

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