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August 8, 2017 / TeknoKai

Would you please answer a random question for me?

Hello, everyone!

Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit.  You know how it is – places to go, people to see…

But i would like to ask you to take a moment to answer a random question, one that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately…(though I’m not sure why…)

Anyways, here is the question I’m curious about, followed by my personal answer, just so you know I’m curious about myself sometimes, too..

What 3 Books, Fictional or Nonfictional, do you think have helped shape your personality into who you are today?


I thought about this a bit, and though it was extremely difficult (some books seem to weigh in on their own personal profundity) I did manage to narrow the list down to 3.  Here goes:

The first I have to mention is Sir Terry Pratchett’s “Thief of Time”.  This book changed the entire way I look at reality.  And it taught me the power of chocolate.

My second pick is Jim Butcher’s “Ghost Story”, the 13th book in ‘The Dresden Files Series”, because it made me realize that sometimes we do the dumbest things for the best of intentions, but we would muk it all up if our friends(?) didn’t step in to save us.

And the third is Douglas Adams’ 2nd “Dirk Gently” novel, “The Long Dark Tea Time Of The Soul”.  Because it hammered home the fact that sometimes when you get all you ask for, you also get a lot of things you don’t really want.

These three tomes have made a very significant mark on who I am today, and the way I think.  I’m quirky, and funny, and serious deep down, and I have a love for Life and everything that I can experience in it.  So, these are some cornerstones in the architecture of me.  What are yours?  Please tell me – you can either comment here or answer me on my Twitter account, my Facebook page, or any other way that you can reach me.  I’d just really like to know.


And before my fellow Christians start whining about why the Bible isn’t listed, it’s because I consider it a compendium of other books; an Omnibus, if you will.  And it’s on my top list … just not my top three.

April 26, 2017 / TeknoKai

The Most Eerily Funny Moment Ever! 😯

Ok, so I just experienced the funniest thing that could ever happen (to me).  And it gets kind of scary, too.  Is someone trying to tell me something? 

Let’s Begin, a Journal of “What Happened To Me Today”.

Today (4/26/2017)

Everything is normal.  

Same as yesterday, expecting the same tomorrow.  

Then I get an email from a PrePaid Card Provider that I use for internet purchases, subscriptions, etc., which kinda blows me away on a galactic scale.  It’s just too funny at the moment to not share it with everyone I can.  Here is a pic of the email:

Ok, some people may not get the joke immediately.  But I have to share it-it is just too cosmically good.  So, I tweet the above image for my followers to enjoy.  

And then I thought, “They will get more out of it if they have the proper frame of reference to compare the idea to”.  So, I remembered a video clip from an old episode of the British TV Game Show, QI, that explains the references in my joke.  

Then, I tweeted the link to said video, so that anyone who didn’t quite get it could understand. That link is here: The number of the Beast (for educational purposes)

That tweeting, in itself, was another joke compounded onto the first one, because I thought in hindsight that I was telling the joke backwards.  It became some sort of Retro-Joke.  It is funny only if you have the right frame of reference.  So, I had given my audience that frame of reference.  Hopefully it would make the joke funnier.  

I wanted to share this hilarity with everyone that I could, so I cross-posted the image to Reddit, where everyone eventually ends up.  But I took another screenshot of the previous tweet, thinking it would give some clarity to the situation.  Because I am “me” it just so happens that on my second screenshot, I captured a retweet of my favorite actor and TV series, which is tangentially related to this in its own way.  The second Screen Shot is here:

Pure Coincidence takes hold.  This joke is growing exponentially on its own.  And it’s becoming more of an event than a joke.

After I post the pictures on Reddit, another “Redditor” comes along with a post of his own.  That image is here: 

That is a creepy fortune in and of itself, but the fact that this happened to another person in an altogether different location on the planet at around the same time, this raises my inner “Dirk Gently”.  There, I’ve done it again – made a joke that some of you won’t understand because you lack the frame of reference of the late beloved author Douglas Adams. But I can’t go down that rabbit hole right now, because I’m trying to make a point out of all of this cosmically funny nonsense. 

Back to my scenario – some random Dude and I received “perilous portents” in different ways, at around the same time, and it just makes me wonder – is some/one/thing trying to send me a message?   What do you think? I am a big believer in Coincidences, but this one is kind of “special”, at least to me.  What started out as funny has become more quizzical than anything else.  Let me know in comments what your thoughts are on the matter.  Maybe this is a big joke, on a cosmic scale, or maybe it’s something more…

July 17, 2016 / TeknoKai

Supernatural Pokemon Fever!

Hello everybody!  It’s been quite a humdinger of a year for me.  I literally fell off the planet for about a year and nobody missed me, save a few family members.  I went to places I’d never dreamed I’d go to in my lifetime, and did my fair share of suffering.  I went through what I call my “Dark Times” – but thankfully, they are over and I am now back in the light and bubbly world of today. Oh, my, what a bubbly world it is!

I guess it’s because I’m a geeky gamer at heart, and always have been, but I have been caught up in the palpable energy of Pokemon lately.  This is the twentieth anniversary of the original release of the Pokemon games, and if you are like me, you have been following the games over the last 20 years and seen how far we’ve come with our new technology and you know how cool the Pokemon franchise has become.  Instead of just fading away into memories like the MASK toys or the Silverhawks (remember them?), Pokemon just kept growing and becoming more pertinent, and they are still with us today.  We actually have new Pokemon that haven’t been discovered yet coming out in the two new games slated to drop this fall – Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.  Pokemon Go! has taken the mobile smartphone world over by storm and outside of the “regular” Pokemon games, you can play Pokemon Shuffle, Pokemon Rumble World, or even Pokemon Trading Card Game Online!  It really is becoming a Pokemon world!

This saturation of excitement, a Pokemon fever, if you will, is reminding me of what fun it was to play the original games when they first came out, when I was younger, “back in the day”, so to speak.  It is giving me a little glimpse of my long forgotten youth.  And it is still fun!

Now, I have to confess, I have played Pokemon more in the last couple of years than I did when I was younger, because I finally found the time to play.  And might I say, the new games have so much more depth and story than the earlier ones, and there are many more things you can do in the games than there were.  Pokemon has always had battles, but now you can enter them in talent contests where they can show off the moves you train them to use, and judges give out ribbons for placement. How you train and treat your Pokemon go a long way toward how they interact with you – some Pokemon have to love you unconditionally in order to be able to evolve in the game.  Yes, once you catch your Pokemon, then the fun really starts – you have to train them, level them up, teach them moves to  use in battle (or contests), feed them Pokeblocks, and generally see to their welfare.  It’s like raising your own army of creatures to do your bidding in battle against other trainers to see who’s the best.  And it’s really fun!

And then I had an idea – it struck me out of the blue and I laughed and laughed until I realized that it could really be fun.  I am a fan of many things – TV shows, books, movies, and of course Pokemon.  I thought, “why don’t I name my Pokemon after some character I enjoy watching on, say, a TV show?”  Because when you catch a Pokemon, you always get the chance to name it.  I don’t know why, but my first ever #PokemonMashup, as I call it, came to me when I was watching an episode of my most favorite TV show ever, Supernatural.  But the idea didn’t come from the characters of Sam or Dean, but of the real life actors who played them – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.  For some reason I saw Dean (Jensen) and thought of my personal favorite pokemon, Axew.  And it clicked.  I had to go catch an Axew and name it Jensen.  Once I did, I had my first ever “Celebrity” Pokemon in my party.  It was an Axew named Jensen – Jensen Axew.Cmix1HDUcAAn5GA.jpg-large

I am a huge fan of both Jensen and Jared, and I’ll probably never get the chance to see them in person, so I brought a little bit of their celebrity into my Pokemon world.  After I caught Jensen, I knew he couldn’t be alone in my Pokemon party.  So the next Pokemon clicked – Palpitoad.  For Jared.  It just seemed perfect.  So I went out and caught a Tympole and named him Jared.  Then I leveled him up until he evolved into a Palpitoad, and wouldn’t you know it, I now had a team of “Celebrity” Pokemon – I had Jensen Axew and Jared Palpitoad!CmiyPZSUcAALVae

Once I had my two favorite actors #Pokemon’d (as I call it) I knew I couldn’t just stop there.  So I branched out and #Pokemon’d two more actors whom I love from the show – Timothy Omundsun and Mark Sheppard.  I caught an Onix  and named it Timothy.  Onix is a very strong Rock/Ground type Pokemon, and his strength is the characteristic I associated with Mr. Omundsun.  So then I had Timothy Onix to add to the other two.  CniP4pSUsAEcr9r

Mark Sheppard was a fun one to do, because I knew that there is a Pokemon called Stoutland that is a sheep herding Pokemon, thus Sheppard.  So I went out and caught a Lilypup, named him Mark, then proceeded to level him up and evolve him through his Herdier phase and into Stoutland.  Then I had Mark Stoutland.  So now, my “Celebrity” Pokemon party is shaping up nicely!  CniSLjvUMAAWbWb

I have to say, I am having a blast #Pokemoning my favorite celebrities.  I know it’s a quirky thing to do, but I love having my “celebrity ” Pokemon win battles and contests.  I hope my celebrity friends will take it as the compliment it is meant to be – I love having a little bit of Celebrity on my team when I “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”  And I hope that my team will continue to grow – because I have a couple of other favorite actors/tresses that I am on the hunt for Pokemon now.  When I catch them, I’ll be sure to let everyone know!

Update: in addition to the Celebrity Pokemon above, I now also have added the following Celebrities to my party…

Eddie McClintock <=> Eddie (Milotic) 

Emily Rose <=> Emily (Roselia)

Eric Balfour <=> Eric (Baltoy) 

March 14, 2015 / TeknoKai

My Farewell to Sir Terry Pratchett

Dear friends and fellow netizens,

It is with heavy heart that I come to you today, for the world has lost a truly genius author and it feels as though I have lost a dear friend.  Yesterday the beloved of so many in the geek community, Sir Terry Pratchett, passed away at the tender age of 66.  Sir Terry was a true delight to me – his Discworld novels have been the staple of my favorite fantasy fiction since I first discovered him in the 90’s.  His novels are the very first that I ever shared with my little brother when he was just getting into th reading realm, and it is over the Discworld novels that he and I bonded with a shared love of the cutting satire and wit that Sir Terry was so adept at.  Over the course of the last twenty or so odd years of my life I have regularly revisited the Disc, and I have thrilled at the more modern releases of the works in both Graphic novel format and in the live action movies that have been finding tier way to the small screen over the last few years.

The Disc has always been a place I could easily retreat to whenever I felt like the real world was just a little too much.  And the eager anticipation that I felt whenever I heard that a new novel was on its way is something that I know I will surely miss.  The idea that I’ll never have another new adventure to look forward to on the Disc is already leaving a hole in my heart.  I know that Sir Terry had finished one more novel of the Disc which is schedule for a future release soon, but I already feel the emptiness that will follow once I have consumed that last adventure in my beloved land of dwarves and night watchmen, the home of the unforgettable witches of the Ramtop mountains, and the domain of, yes, DEATH himself.  One of the most remarkable features of this imaginary realm is the fact that Sir Terry not only anthropomorphosed DEATH into an character of vivid interaction with the rest of the denizens of the Disc, but managed to make him one of the most human of all the characters who live there.

Through his ever pervasive wit and ease of dealing with some of the toughest situations dealing with the world today, Sir Terry managed to forge a truly magical place – a place where magic existed, and terrible and wodrous creatures dwelled, but where most often the most powerful tool a hero could posess was not sourcery, or riches, or even ammunition; rather it was a sharp mind and keen intellect.  And there was never any shortage of courage – it was teased effortlessly out of even the most staunchly defiant protagonists.  

I never had the chance to meet Sir Terry in person.  I was always planning on making a trip one day to one of the Discworld festivals or Conventions where he would sometimes appear, and I always knew that one day I’d have the chance to bask in his presence.  Unfortunately, that will never be.  But he left enough of himself with me, with all of us, through his novels and brilliant satirizations of modern life that it still feels like I have lost a friend that I’ve known all my life.  I mourn his passing, but I am somehow unable to be sad – because I know that he left the better part of himself with us, and it will always be here to remind us of how we should view the world – with innocent joy and uncompromising expectation, always experiencing the ecstasy of unbridle surprise at each moment the comes, because every moment is a new time to experience life to the fullest.  So I say a fond farewell to one of the authors who helped shape most of my life, and know that one day I shall see him again in that dark desert underneath eternal night, where all good things come to an end and even better things are born from them.  Godspeed, Sir Terry, and thank you for all the joy you have given to me and so many others.


December 16, 2014 / TeknoKai

My Day As An (TEMPORARY) Investigative Reporter

Hello, fellow netizens!  It’s me again, and today I’m here to (hopefully) disseminate some needed information to the public, in the hopes that I can stop an exponentially proliferating scam that is bilking millions of gullible Americans out of their money – which is abhorrently evil at this time of Christmas!  I was (un)lucky enough to be contacted by theses people, and I played along, to see exactly what would happen.  My story in full appears below.  I urge each and every one of you, my friends – if it sounds too good to be true you know it is.  But unfortunately people who are in dire straights, emergency need, or are already mentally wrecked by worry over their financial situation are falling for this.  I’m doing all I can to stop it – but that includes letting the public know what is happening around us. If you are the victim of what is being described in my story, please, don’t keep quiet and hope that it will go away – I urge you to get in touch with your local law enforcement officials and local divisions of the FBI to stop this.  From here on out this blog post is what I am submitting to the Associated Press, in hopes that they can help us stop this heinous felony.


December 10, 2014

Carthage, MS 39051


United States of America

When I woke up this morning, the last thing on my mind was that I would uncover a “Cyber Crime”. I, as a general rule, don’t usually deal with crime of any kind – I am the owner of a small business that fixes computers, equipment, and cellphones for the public or private individuals.  My business is on the web – I have purchased a legitimate domain and have real contact information there. But these “Cyber Thieves” have created a scheme that has been so artfully inseminated into the public access of the World Wide Web that anyone, even people who think themselves “above the level” of this kind of scam artistry, have been known to fall for it because of the skill of the perpetrators at playing on the one weakness we, as the sum of mankind, will always fall prey to – no matter who you are; the fault of empathizing with the perpetrator themselves.  Here is where I tell you my story of how I switched careers (for a day) from IT Professional to Investigative Journalist.

Everything started when I performed a field service call for one of my clients.  In my business, there are two types of proprietors.  There are those who set up shop and have their clients bring their equipment to them for repair, or people like me, who perform Field Service work – we go to our Clients to do repairs, troubleshooting, or upgrades.  We usually charge a fraction more than the repair shops (local repair shops or outfits like Best Buy) because we provide the luxury of not having to disassemble your workstation or equipment and haul it around – we repair on site.  I have been doing this for a couple of years now, as an Independent Contractor for a couple of companies, but this year, I opened my own business and continue the same work, just for myself.  I am very happy to report that I have a staff of 1 – I don’t have to worry about meetings or authority to make managerial decisions any more, as I am my own company.  This morning, I had scheduled a call for a client locally, a wonderful lady with the sweetest personality you could ever ask for – I am leaving her name out of this story at her request, which I happily honor – and while I was onsite I was told about an event that had occurred only yesterday.  I couldn’t believe the story, i thought no one could possibly be that cruel or have intentions that evil – so I decided to see if I could re-create the situation leading to the actual commission of the crime.  It was unconscionably easy for me to follow the same steps that occurred to my client and get the same result that she did.  However, the aftermath has left her devastated, depressed, and discontent – the 3 D’s that you do not want to have at Christmas time.

I took an email ( the origination of this crime) from my client and forwarded it to myself, to get the contact information needed to re-create the incident. From that point on, the incidents I describe actually occurred to me.

So I called the company in the email, who called themselves “Net Advance”.  I got them to send me an email, which I am attaching to this missive, proving they are willing to do anything to rob a gullible victim blind.  The phone number I called was 1-469-248-8203.  It is a cellphone number that shows up on caller ID as Dallas, TX, USA.  A very nice Asian Indian man answered the phone, and told me his name was “A J Wilson” and he said that I had been pre approved for an unsecured payday loan in the amount of $1000 .  He told me that they were a chain payday loan store, and they had prequalified me on my credit for the loan amount of $1000.  He said that the only thing they required for verification that I would be able to repay the loan amount, in the time period specified, was that I prove I could make the payment amount by loading it onto a “Green Dot” money card from my local CVS -they would stay on the phone long enough for me to get in my car, drive downtown, go into the store and purchase said card, and give them the number so they could verify that I could make the payment amount.  They told me that they were not asking for the money up front, that the amount I loaded for verification would be reimbursed in the loan amount.  So I needed to go get a Green Dot Moneypack in the amount of $160 (that would be my payment amount, for 12 months) and once they had successfully proven that I could pay back my payment amount, the total loan amount of $1160 would be drafted into the checking account of my choice.

Now, as an educated man, and certainly one who works in the field of IT as a profession, I knew this was a scam.  I still couldn’t believe that the man I was talking to was giving me this story so artfully devised to put anxious but needy people at ease, and he actually expected that both he and I could benefit from the transaction.  Being single, and having a couple hundred dollars that I could afford to throw away (because I knew which direction this event was headed toward) without hurting myself financially, I decided to see just how far this would go.  I was stupefied when it actually progressed through the commission of the crime!

So i told A J, at Net Advance, that I would go get a Green Dot card and call him back.  He actually wanted me to stay online with him throughout the whole process, but I promised I would call back.  And I was going to – I had to see how far this would actually go.

So I took a break, and drove down to the local CVS (which is about 5 minutes from my house) and i purchased a money pack for $160.  The actual total was $164.99, because of the reload fees associated with the card at the store. I returned home, within 15 minutes and called A J back.  I asked him if I could get some paperwork to verify this was legitimate.  Here is what he provided me with in PDF form:


terry contract paper


I told him that I appreciated the paperwork, and I gave him the Green Dot Number.  I thought surely that this would be the end of the fiendish debacle, but I was wrong.  I was so very wrong.

He told me that he would call me back in 30 minutes to finalize the loan.  I hung up and thought I’d never hear from him again.  But in thirty minutes (this is the time it takes for a purchased Green Dot Moneypack to make the funds available to transfer online) he did call me back.  This is where the real fun began.

So, AJ called me and told me he appreciated that I went through with the “verification process”, and he was ready to help me.  But, he said, being that this is an unsecured loan and my credit score was not high enough (we had never discussed credit scores throughout this conversation) a certified FTC Officer who worked onsite would require a second verification.  He said I would need to go back to the CVS and purchase another money pack, for the amount of only $100, so that the government offices of the FTC could verify that I would repay the loan and would not default on them.  At this point, I informed mr “A J” that I would not provide any further funds, and that I expected him to complete the process, to see what he would do.  He began to harangue me over my refusal to “complete the transaction”.  At this point I was thoroughly convinced that nothing else about this entire situation would surprise me.  I was wrong yet again!

He asked me to hold, and he handed the phone to another guy who was in the room with him, and this man told me he was with the FTC (in a more heavily laden accent than even AJ had used) and he needed me to complete the transaction, or I would be breaking a financially secured contract backed by the FTC.  Now, as far as my studies in Government from High School and College go, I don’t think I ever heard tale of an FTC officer who had to have monetary verification before he would approve a transaction. So I let him ramble for a couple of minutes.  Then I told him I was going to alert the authorities to his actions and informing everyone that I could about this situation, because I couldn’t believe the lengths that these people would go to in their felonious scheming.  I hung up. and promptly started writing up a report of what happened.  I decided to do a little more research, and I scoured the web for the company logo on the document he provided me.

This is where I learned that “NetPay Advance” is a real loan company – but they are not a franchise – they are located in Kansas.  They were unaware that their property was being perverted to the use of bilking innocent American citizens in need out of their hard earned funds, and especially so here at Christmas. I told them my story and urged them to contact their local law enforcement as they were unwitting victims of this heinous enterprise.  During this time period, I got not one, but 3 more calls – all from different states (according to called ID provided by AT&T to it’s iPhone 6, which is what I use) with the same story, but a different company name.  Now I had been contacted by “Net Advance” and another company called A1 Cash Advance – with the same story.  In fact, to me it seemed as if it were the same people I had talked to previously.

I did a quick Google search, and of course, A1Cash Advance is a legitimate company somewhere in the midwest, but it was registering from a phone number in Indianapolis.  Same story, same crime perpetration (attempted).  So I started asking for emails and contact names – and I was provided with them!  I am including at the end of my story, so that if any of you get calls from these people or phone numbers, or email from these email addresses, you can contact your local law enforcement, local divisions of the FBI, or even Interpol if you are international, and we can find these people. I was dumbfounded at the list of names and numbers i was given.

So after that – what started off as a bad situation had escalated to an all-out crisis situation that I could not ignore, nor would I let anyone (least of all anyone I know personally) fall for this.  As I said, I have reported it to the local and federal authorities, going as far up the chain as I had access to – but I can’t rest knowing that some people, some really good people in desperate situations are losing everything they have in the hopes that it is real.  Yes, I have contacted my authorities, but as an American Citizen myself, I can not let this go without trying to inform as many people as possible of what is going on. So I have turned my experience into this article, as any good investigator would do, and I am now trying to get the word out to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.  I hope that the Associated Press, whom I am forwarding this blog post to, will take action and help spread the word.  I, as an American Citizen and a member of the human race, can do no less if I hope to be able to resolve my actions conscionably in the future.  If you or anyone you know has suffered an encounter with the entities listed below, please do not wait – contact your local law enforcement and your local office of the FBI now.  Only as Citizens standing together can we stop these perpetrators from preying on the less fortunate.  Thank you for your time in reading this – I can easily be reached at any time in the normal way – you can find me online easily.  I just hope that we can stop these fiends before they do any more damage than they have already done!


These are the “People” who contacted me in one way or another throughout this experience and tried to get personal information from me:

AJ Wilson, Senior Loan Officer, “Net Advance” -cellphone +1  469  248  8203 (Registering as Dallas, TX)

Mark Watson, Samantha Watson, from “Advance America” (323)-284-5155 registering as Los Angeles, CA

Jack Watson from “a1Cash Advance” 1-260-220-9983 registering as Indianapolis

The email addresses used were as follows:

If you receive any communication from any of the above listed phone numbers, names, or email addresses, please forward them to your local law enforcement officials.  Hopefully we can stomp out this spark of devious ingenuity before anyone else can be hurt by it.


The fiendish felons are based in India! I finally tracked them down! We can end them, now!!!! 😝

November 24, 2014 / TeknoKai

My Annual Birthday Celeb Shoutout!

Hey guys! It’s me, lil’ ol’ @Teknokai from the Twitterverse!

I posted this a few weeks ago, but now is the time for me to really promote it! Please join in-it’s all in good fun, and it get to be beneficial for some people who need it!

As you all know, November 29 is just around the corner, and this year I’ll be 41! I’m celebrating in the usual way … The only thing I want for my birthday is a shoutout from my friends! I love you guys! And this year (which is the 4th year I’m doing this!) I’m making another special commitment to you! For every friend who gives me a shoutout between now and my Birfday on November 29, I’ll pledge $4.00 to my charity of choice, which this year is the lovely people of St. Jude’s taking care of the illnesses of our next generation, our future! The super special part is, if you are a celebrity & give me a shoutout, the donation amount is $4.10 (because, y’know, I’m 41)! Why that extra dime? Well, I believe everybody’s shoutout should count as something good, but I know most celebrities are too busy trying to keep us entertained, so the extra dime is for them taking the time out of their impossibly packed schedules to say “Hi!” To little old me!
I usually don’t start this up till the beginning of November, but I want this year to be special! So I’m starting counting TODAY! In the past, I don’t think my friends have had enough notice to join me in my Birfday Celebration, so this year I’m giving you extra time! That’s right-any shoutout to me between now and November 29 counts, so you can just say “Hi” today or wait till then to say Happy Birthday. And if you mention me at all, I’m counting it, so multiple messages count as multiple donations! Come on, everyone! I just got a new job and a new lease on life-give me a reason to spend my money on something good! I’m hoping my #SPNFamily will be at the forefront of promoting this, but pass it on to anyone you know. Let’s do something amazing this year!
Love you all, stay safe, and I’ll be talking to you again soon!


**********Update 11/24/2014**********

It’s almost here! We have about a week to go until the 29th, so start sending those shoutouts on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ today! Remember, I’m counting every one-so multiples make the goal higher! Thank you to all my friends who do this every year-this year’s gonna be the best so far!!! Love Ya’ll 😝


November 5, 2014 / TeknoKai

My Awesome Author Sunday!

Hello, fellow netizens! This past Sunday I was lucky enough to get to see one of my favorite authors of all time, Anne Rice, and after her book signing, I was asked by a local newspaper reporter, “What does Anne Rice mean to you?”. Here is my answer in its fullest intent. Enjoy, and maybe you’ll know a little more about me afterwards.

“Anne Rice is the most fascinating writer, and my very favorite author, among a great many people. I love to read Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, Charlaine Harris, Kat Richardson, Carrie Vaughn, and Molly Harper, but Anne has always been, and always will be, my first beloved author. I grew up in a horrible childhood situation – I had abusive step parents and my real parents were too blind to see what was going on, until I was old enough to let them know what I was going to do (at around 13ish), and when I entered high school (Freshman Year, 1988-1989) I discovered the wonder of Louis, Claudia, and Lestat. My life has never been the same, since. After college, I went through a horrible marriage that lasted a year (1997-1998), then after a few more years of living and finding myself, about 3 years ago, I finally came to love who I am and stopped lying to myself. I came out publicly as a gay man, in spring of 2011. I lost all my friends, half of my family, and my job, because the place I worked in Starkville “Didn’t work with Queers”. Through all these times in my life, whenever everything was too bad or life was too hard to endure, I always had my lovely Lestat, David, Louis, and the rest of the Vampire Clan, the Mayfair Witches, the Taltos, Azriel, Ramses, or even the Violin to run to, and they would take me away to a safe place where I could heal my heart and my head and get my thoughts clear so I could come back and face the world. So I really just want to thank Ms. Rice, for the countless hours of joy she has brought me, and I am expecting that there will be countless more! Especially since we have Reuben’s pack in tow as well, now, and I am all grown up at the age of 40 (I’ll be 1 the 29th of this month!) and I am a strong, independent gay man who owns his own computer /server /cellphone repair business called the PC Physic1an!”

By the way, since I am listening to Prince Lestat from my library on @Audible_com, I asked her rising my phone in lieu of an actual book. She did!