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December 6, 2018 / TeknoKai

The Perfect Pokemon Day…

The Perfect Pokemon Journey
Today has been a Perfect Pokemon Day.  I have just finished going rounds with the “Elite 4”, for about the 15th time since I started the Game on November 19.  I pre-downloaded a copy of “Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee” about a week before the software was launched, and at around midnight of the release day, I began (again) my trek through the Kanto region that I remember from more than 20 years ago.
Since the release night, I have logged 97.01 hours on this game console.  That is a freaking lot.  For the last couple of weeks, this game has been my air – my food – my sustenance, as have all previous versions of the game that have come before.  It seems like Nintendo likes me, because new Pokemon games are usually released in November, and the 29th of said month is my birthday.  Its kinda cool that it cosmically syncs up.
Since release day I have successfully conquered the game many times (14) over, and gotten to the really good bits – the things you can only do after you have beaten the standard gameplay.  Now, I am truly a Master Trainer.  And it only took me 21 years to get here.
My game is not perfect – there are still a couple of TM’s out there that I haven’t yet stumbled across, and I only have 2 of the mighty trinity of Legendary Birds – Moltres, and Zapdos, – I am still looking for my favorite, Articuno.  But i have done my daily in game “chores” to gain nuggets and big pearls, and collected as many “golden” fruit as I can manage every day, to build up my Pokedollars.  I trek through MT. Moon on a daily basis, so that I can gather the elusive Moon Stone that spawns only once a day.  
Again, I hike through Cerulean Cave, where the first time through after-game-play allowed me to capture the Legendary Mew Two, but every 300 or so steps respawns guilded fruit that I can trade at the nearest Poke Mart for Pokedollars, or better yet, and elusive item like the much coveted “Master Ball” (the one ball that guarantees catching a Pokemon, without fail!) ( I have so far stumbled over 2 of them!) – I do this all day long.  I am a very good trainer.
I have played with my Eevee, my first partner Pokemon in the game, who I named a whimsical “St’Eevee” (I Love It!)  to the point that we are more like family than friends. I am so close to this little furry ball of love that all the other Pokemon in my party have gained high chances of evading moves thrown at them, and very strong moves that have low percentage rates (30%) of actually working (like Horn Drill (My Nidoking) or Blizzard (my Alolan Ninetails knows) get a boosted 50-50 chance they will work when used!  I style St’Eevee’s clothes and hair, and we have a great old time in game.
For the last 14 or so times I have gone through the Elite 4, I have always had 1 party Pokemon that I needed to gain experience points for, in order to evolve, go with me in the 6th place of my party, and I have leveled up a ton of Pokemon through this ingenious method of calling out all the “Big Bad Daddies” (and “Mamas”?) of the Pokemon League, as any trainer worth his salt will do.  But I have always kept my base 5 Pokemon that I like to travel with in my party.  
Now, just today I caught the most elusive Pokemon (for me) in game, a Dratini, and I have added her to my party lineup, already evolving her into an astonishing Dragonair.  Just a few more levels left to reach the goal of 55, when she will evolve into the much longed for 3rd evolution of Dragonite.  I’m getting her ready, and she is beautiful.
I made everything line up just right so that I could have the perfect battle.  However, during two of the 5 battles that I had to win, to defend my Championship Title (the Elite 4, and then my Rival, whom I chose to name Aaron (God only knows why) in this game, I *screwed up* (not intentionally) 3 times; I could have done differently to make it even smoother.  
I am hoping and praying that someone at Nintendo or Game Freak or the Pokemon Company can take my save data, and restore the video because this last trip, my 15th, was as close to absolute perfection as I’m ever gonna get.  Had I not made those 3 *mistakes?*, it really would have been the pinnacle of absolute perfection.  Once I finished this Championship Title match, I saved my progress.  I hope that my progress is there where someone can retrieve it.
I had the perfect team – with Dragonair as my “in tow” evolution, and my Nidoking, who knows the move “Pay Day”, which earns you massive coins after each battle.  I had Nidoking use a perfect 32 set of “Pay Day”, getting the maximum amount of Pokedollars I could get, and I got them pretty much in the battle with the first of the Elite 4, “Lorelei”, the Ice Type Trainer.
Once I had splurged on all 32 of “Pay Day”’s moves, I pulled in Nidoking, one of my toughest but earliest captures, back from the forefront of battle. I started using my other lovely Pokemon, whom I have taught varied enough move sets that they may be ready to face anything, and the fun started. I tore through Bruno (the Fighting type Master), Agatha (the oldest, and may I say, scariest, of the Elite 4, being a Ghost type Master), and finally facing down Lance, my favorite of the Elite 4, the Dragon type Master.  He is a little sneaky.  He uses Alolan forms of Pokemon, as well a Mega-Evolved forms of certain Pokemon, in his battle.  
Never forget- when they tell you that Lance is sending out a specific Pokemon, don’t just think that Pokemon’s type, Think “Dragon” – because all of Lance’s Pokemon have a part of Dragon Type within them.  See?  Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.  
And then it all comes down to my Rival, the boy who grew up next door, that I named on the spur-of-the-moment, Aaron, and me.  My Pokemon have been groomed and raised and trained and taught to be the perfect opposition for his party, and I can honestly say that using all 5 of my core party, one at a time, in each perfect matchup against my best friend’s team, I can take him down with one move from each Pokemon I play as I switch them out between rounds.  It is all perfectly choreographed, like a splendid dance, from start to finish (except for the 3 situations in which I could have done one thing differently and made it an even smoother trope), and I couldn’t ask for anything better.
The only thing I hope is that Nintendo or Game Freak or the Pokemon Company can retrieve my save data and re-create this splendid visage.  I think it could be one for the record books.
Fingers crossed.
Till we meet again,

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